Eden Of The East

Eden of the East is a Japanese anime television series that debuted on Fuji TV’s noitaminA channel on April 9, 2009. Kenji Kamiyama created, directed, and wrote the film, which also features character designs by Chika Umino and animation production by Production I.G. It is the first original animation series broadcast in noitaminA, based on an original storey by Kamiyama.

Eden Of The East Anime Synopsis

On November 22, 2010, Japan was hit by missile strikes, a terrorist act that fortunately did not result in any casualties, and the day became known as “Careless Monday.” Society quickly forgets and goes about its business as usual. Three months later, during her graduation trip to America, friendly college student Saki Morimi’s life is forever changed when she is saved from unexpected trouble by Akira Takizawa. Takizawa is upbeat, but odd in many ways—he is naked and has amnesia, believing himself to be a terrorist. He also has a strange cell phone that is loaded with 8.2 billion yen in digital cash.

Despite Takizawa’s suspicious characteristics, Saki quickly becomes friends with the enigmatic young man. However, she has no idea that this is the start of a thrilling death game involving money, cell phones, and the salvation of the world. Higashi no Eden follows Saki’s quest to uncover the mysteries surrounding her saviour, while Takizawa battles other people armed with similar cell phones and recalling memories that reveal his possible connection to the event from months ago.

Eden Of The East

Eden Of The East Anime Info

  • IMDB Ratings – 7.8/10
  • Genres – Action, Sci-fi, Mystery, Drama, Romance, Thriller
  • Season – 1
  • Episodes – 11
  • Movies – 2
  • Status – Finished Airing
  • Aired – Apr 10, 2009 to Jun 19, 2009
  • Premiered – Spring 2009
  • Duration – 23 min. per episode
  • RatingR – 17+ (violence & profanity)

Eden Of The East Anime Characters

Main Characters

Saki Morimi

Saki Morimi is a young woman who is in her final year of university. She has been living with her married elder sister and her family since her parents died, and they have been supporting her through college. As part of her graduation trip, she visits New York City but leaves her friends to visit Washington, D.C. alone. She throws a coin on the White House lawn at the start of the series and is approached by police, but Akira Takizawa bails her out. When she realises her passport is in the coat she gives to Akira, she follows him and later returns to Tokyo, Japan with him. She tries to get a job so she won’t have to rely on her sister’s family, but after a bad interview with her brother-in-former law’s company, she follows Akira on his adventures and convinces her old club, “Eden of the East,” to join them in their business venture.

Akira Takizawa

Akira Takizawa, a young man who lost his memory due to a brainwashing programme, meets Saki Morimi in Washington D.C., appearing naked and carrying only a handgun and an extremely advanced cell phone with the phrase “noblesse oblige” printed on it and 8.2 billion yen in digital money credit. When Saki is detained by police after throwing a coin on the grounds of the White House, he assists her and she thanks him by giving him her coat. When he makes his first call, he is answered by a female voice claiming to be “Juiz.” She sends him a map with the location of an apartment building where he appears to be staying marked. He discovers guns and a slew of passports in his apartment, all of which appear to be his. Saki follows after realising she forgot to put her passport in the coat she gave him, and the two decide to return to Japan together. His real name and date of birth are unknown; his current identity as Akira Takizawa was chosen from the passports he discovered, which state that he was born in Toyosu, Japan, on January 7, 1989, one day younger than Saki Morimi.

Eden of the East club

The Eden of the East club began as a small recycling group, but has quickly grown into a springboard for a successful commercial website, thanks to Micchon’s revolutionary image recognition engine, which is housed on the Eden website, and Saki’s ability to increase the value of any item, including junk. The site’s ability to work on phones quickly drew a large number of student subscribers. However, after the students abused the social matchmaking abilities, resulting in a girl dropping out and the university launching an investigation, the team slowed project development. Members include, in addition to Saki, who handles public relations, the following:

Satoshi Osugi, Saki’s friend who harbours unrequited feelings for her. He is the first member of the club to enter the corporate world. Takuya Eguchi voices him in Japanese, and Michael Sinterniklaas voices him in English.

Eden of the East’s de facto leader, Kazuomi Hirasawa. He has postponed his graduation in order to create a haven for NEETs. In Japanese, he is voiced by Motoyuki Kawahara, and in English, by J. Michael Tatum.

Mikuru Katsuhara, also known as Micchon, is a shy but forthright girl who created the Eden of the East’s image recognition system. She is Hirasawa’s cousin as well. In Japanese, she is voiced by Ayaka Saito, and in English, she is voiced by Stephanie Sheh.

Haruo Kasuga, a club member who prefers to sit inside the rolltop desk in the clubroom. He notices Osugi has vanished after having dinner with him. In Japanese, he is voiced by Hayato Taioh, and in English, he is voiced by John Burgmeier.

In the first movie, Eden of the East becomes a small business and the club members try to support Saki and Akira while tracking the Seleção activities.

The Seleção are the participants of the game. Each carries a special “Noblesse oblige” cell phone that is credited with 10 billion yen which they must use to “save Japan”. They can spend the money in whatever manner they wish, using a concierge  named Juiz to accomplish the goal, however, any Seleção who uses up their money before they can complete their mission, who acts purely for self-interest, or does nothing with the phone for an extended period of time will be eliminated by a person (one of the twelve) called “The Supporter”. Similarly, if someone breaks the rules they will be eliminated. When someone is declared the winner of the game, the other eleven are eliminated. The person who created the game is named “Mr. Outside.”

Daiju Mononobe

Mononobe is one of the series’ main antagonists. He is a former bureaucrat with ties to many of Japan’s political leaders. He manipulates his way into becoming an executive (CEO in the English dub of the TV series) of the ATO Institution. He takes Akira to the ATO headquarters and reveals more about his past in the hopes of enlisting him on his side. His ambition is not only to win the game, but also to replace Mr. Outside himself, as he believes Mr. Outside is no longer alive. According to him, Japan is in a state of apathy as a result of the economic prosperity it has enjoyed since the end of World War II, as well as the strong political influence of countries such as the United States in their society, and he intends to “save” the country by rallying the population with a large-scale terrorist attack. However, Akira and the NEETs he recruited were able to thwart his plans, first with Careless Monday and then by countering the missiles at the end of the regular TV series. In the film King of Eden, he employs the Public Security Department of the Japanese police to investigate the Eden of the East group, which has been linked to Akira Takizawa’s activities.

Using his connections with the government, he intends to pass a “100% Inheritance Tax Bill” in order to combat Akira’s plan with the NEETs. In Paradise Lost, he reveals that he plans to overthrow the current government and install a more powerful one at the cost of individual freedom. After his memory is wiped when Mr. Outside ends the game, Mononobe crashes his car after being shot at by a crazed Yūki. It is unknown whether he survives or not.

Jintarō Tsuji

Tsuji, also known as “2G,” is a Seleçao member who works with Mononobe and Yki. He appears to be uninterested in Mr. Outside’s “game,” and wishes for it to be over as soon as possible. He claims he has not spent any of the ten billion yen given to him. In the film King of Eden, he makes his first move by making Takizawa the central figure of a major trend and idol. He is in charge of marketing Takizawa as the “Air King,” with advertisements and merchandise depicting Akira striking a pose while averting the missile crisis. He eventually intends to have Takizawa sacrificed as a martyr and hero of Japan. He is technically eliminated from the game when Mononobe destroys his trailer, but he loses his money later when Mononobe arranges for tax auditors to investigate him.

Toshiko Kitabayashi

Seleção 3 appears to be an elderly purple-haired woman according to the Seleção listings in The King of Eden, but takes action in the second film. She makes her first call to Juiz to order some food. It is revealed at the end of the film that she is in fact hospitalised, and graciously thanks Mr. Outside for the game.

Yūsei Kondō

In Japan, a private investigator. After spending almost all of his money without completing Mr. Outside’s mission, he steals Akira’s cellphone in order to obtain his cash, but his plans are foiled when Juiz informs him that a Seleço’s money can only be used by its rightful owner. While attempting to return the phone to Akira, he is stabbed by his wife, but he manages to warn him about the dangers of the game before dying.

Hajime Hiura

Hiura is a talented 52-year-old former neurosurgery specialist. His hands are unable to be used in surgeries that require precise accuracy due to an accident, and he eventually resigns. Hiura uses his cellphone to search for the best treatment for all illnesses, based on his previous belief that the number of patients a doctor can help is limited. After spending all of his money, he is eliminated by the Supporter, and despite failing to save Japan, he tells Akira that he was successful in his own mission. In the film The King of Eden, it is revealed that the Supporter did not kill him, but rather erased his memories.

Ryō Yūki

The perpetrator of the missiles fired on Careless on Monday. Despite this, Yki is very meek and hesitates when compelled to assist in the silencing of Panties. He joins forces with Mononobe because their goals are similar. Yki’s motivation for Careless Monday was to exact vengeance on the society he despised. He felt cheated by the system because he was forced to work to support his sick parents. He appears to be inactive in The King of Eden movie, but he reveals to Tsuji that he has broken his phone in order to evade Mononobe, who is tracking him, resulting in his elimination from the game. He soon becomes obsessed with exacting vengeance on Takizawa. Yki’s memories are not erased when the game ends because he broke his phone and did not receive Mr. Outside’s final message. When attempting to murder Takizawa, he is run over by Mononobe’s car. It’s unclear whether he’ll live or die.

Kuroha Diana Shiratori

Shiratori is the president of a modelling agency by day and a serial killer by night. She uses the Noblesse Oblige cellphone to erase evidence of her murders and conceal her crimes. She murders men by severing their penises (called “Johnnies”) with a cigar cutter. She, on the other hand, only targets men who have victimised women, such as rapists, which inspired her current actions as a Seleçao. In the film The King of Eden, she joins forces with Akira to save him from various perils. She is eliminated from the game when she uses her trailer to protect Akira’s Juiz trailer from a missile launched by Mononobe. When the game ends, her memories, along with those of the other Seleçao, are presumably erased.

Saizō Atō

A powerful businessman who aided in the reconstruction of postwar Japan. He’s later revealed to be Mr. Outside. Unseen and mysterious, he selects eleven Japanese citizens as Seleçao and assigns them the mission of bringing stability to Japan in whatever way they see fit. He does, however, threaten to send a “Supporter” to eliminate any Seleçao who spends their money before completing their mission, acts selfishly, idles for an extended period of time, or violates his rules.
Later on, Akira Takizawa realises that “Ato Saizo” is a play on the Japanese pronunciation of “Outside.” His true identity is not revealed until Paradise Lost, where he is an elderly man who has posed as a simple cab driver. Saizo also has four female helpers who call him “grandpa” and assist him with the game. All of the Seleção were passengers in his cab at some point, where he asked them how they would spend 10 billion yen, with the exception of Takizawa, who had met Atō Saizō when he stopped beside the taxi on a bicycle. After the events of the Paradise Lost film, Saizo declares all of the Seleção winners and has their memories erased to free them from the game.

Eden Of The East Anime Episodes

I Picked Up a Prince
Aired: Apr 10, 2009 (JST)

Melancholic Monday
Aired: Apr 17, 2009 (JST)

On the Night of the Late Show
Aired: Apr 24, 2009 (JST)

True Reality, False Reality
Aired: May 1, 2009 (JST)

Now’s Not the Time to be Thinking About That
Aired: May 8, 2009 (JST)

Eden of the East
Aired: May 15, 2009 (JST)

Black Swan Dances
Aired: May 22, 2009 (JST)

Search for a Fore-Lost Journey
Aired: May 29, 2009 (JST)

The Man Who Lived Too Little
Aired: Jun 5, 2009 (JST)

Who Killed Takizawa Akira?
Aired: Jun 11, 2009 (JST)

The East That Goes On
Aired: Jun 19, 2009 (JST)

People also ask about Eden of the East anime

What is the plot of Eden of the East?

Eden of the east Plot –

Akira Takizawa, a young man who lost his memory due to a brainwashing programme, meets Saki Morimi in Washington D.C., appearing naked and carrying only a handgun and an extremely advanced cell phone with the phrase “noblesse oblige” printed on it and 8.2 billion yen in digital money credit.

Is Eden of the East worth watching?

Overall, Eden of the East is a very enjoyable and entertaining anime with a rather unique and interesting plot that will keep your interest throughout its unique 11 episode run.

How many movies does Eden of the East have?

Eden of the East is nothing but brilliant plot and exciting adventure. You will watch it in it’s entirety as fast as you can. It’s that good. Just remember that there are two movies that finish the story, King of Eden and Paradise Lost.

Does Eden of the East have romance?

As Akira begins to recall his memories of fighting against people with similar phones, the anime combines romance with a deadly game. During the spring 2009 season, Production I.G studio adapted Eden of the East. The anime consists of 11 episodes and aired for a single season.

What happens at the end of Eden of the East?

Eden discovers, after analysing the data, that the missiles are aimed all over Japan, including the multiplex. Eden of the east concludes the episode by pondering what will happen to Japan now that Takizawa is King.

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