Kouta Hirano is the author and illustrator of the Japanese manga series Drifters. In April 2009, the manga began serialisation in Shonen Gahosha’s magazine Young King Ours. It revolves around various historical figures who are summoned to an unknown world where magicians require their skills and techniques in order to save their world from total destruction. Between October and December 2016, an anime television series adaptation aired. Similarly to Hellsing Ultimate, the announced second season has been released in the form of three canon OVA episodes (so far). These occur immediately following the conclusion of Season 01, beginning with Chapter 46 of the manga.

Drifters Anime Synopsis

Toyohisa Shimazu is the rearguard for his retreating troops at the Battle of Sekigahara in 1600, and he is critically wounded when he finds himself in a modern, gleaming white hallway. Faced with nothing but a stoic man named Murasaki and hundreds of doors on both sides, Toyohisa is drawn into the nearest door and into a world unlike his own.

The strange land is inhabited by all manner of fantastical creatures, as well as warriors thought to be dead from various eras of Toyohisa’s world. Toyohisa quickly befriends the infamous warlord Nobunaga Oda and the ancient archer Yoichi Suketaka Nasu, and learns of the continent’s political unrest. Furthermore, they have been summoned as “Drifters” to fight the “Ends,” people who are responsible for the Orte Empire’s creation and are attempting to exterminate the Drifters. As the Ends become more powerful, the Empire’s persecution of elves and other demihumans intensifies. It is up to Toyohisa and his band of outlandish heroes to fight in a brand-new world war to aid the Empire’s subjects while also defending the land they have claimed for themselves and challenging the Ends.


Drifters Anime Info

  • IMDB Ratings – 7.7/10
  • Genres – Action, Adventure, Comedy, Historical, Samurai, Fantasy, Seinen
  • Season – 1
  • Episodes – 12
  • Status – Finished Airing
  • Aired – Oct 7, 2016 to Dec 23, 2016
  • Premiered – Fall 2016
  • Duration – 23 min. per episode
  • Rating – R – 17+ (violence & profanity)

Drifters Anime Characters


The titular Drifters are heroes, leaders, and great warriors from various eras and cultures who have been transported to an unknown world by Murasaki to fight the Ends. Although the Drifters are motivated by violence, victory, and conquest, the majority of them are not cruel and do not tolerate the harming of innocents. The Drifters, unlike the Ends, have no magical abilities unless they were born with them and must therefore rely on their technology and tenacity to survive.


A mysterious and calm bespectacled man who is responsible for the Drifters’ appearance, using them to right the wrong of the Ends’ conquest of the unknown world. He is seen sitting in the middle of the door corridor, smoking and reading a newspaper that contains news about the Drifters. He is associated with and accompanied by light in the corridor.

Shimazu Toyohisa

The Drifters’ commander. Historically, he died in the Battle of Sekigahara in 1600. He was critically injured when he first arrived in the new world, only to be brought to Nobunaga and Yoichi’s hideout by the young elves, Marsha and Mark. Despite being impulsive and reckless, Toyohisa has a fearless, determined, and chivalrous spirit, assisting the elves and dwarves in their liberation from the Orte Empire. Toyohisa, who was born and raised in a war-torn era, has a keen sense for battle and tactics, though he is unaware of his own abilities. In battle, Toyohisa primarily employs a nodachi, though he is seen carrying a wakizashi. He also carries a Tanegashima on the back of his waist, which he only uses against his enemies when his swords are ineffective.

Oda Nobunaga

During the Sengoku period, he was a famous warlord who conquered most of Japan. He is known for being the daimyo who took the first step toward Japan’s unification, as well as the first Japanese military commander to use arquebuses in battle, employing one as his primary weapon as a Drifter. His death occurred during the Honn-ji incident, a mutiny led by Akechi Mitsuhide. He has only been a Drifter for six months since arriving in the new world. Nobunaga is ambitious and cunning, wishing to establish a multiracial federation in the new world led by Toyohisa. Nobunaga is the military strategist for the group.

Nasu no Yoichi

Nineteen-year-old androgynous man. Nasu Suketaka Yoichi is his full name, but he is better known as Nasu no Yoichi. Yoichi is the group’s youngest member, despite having lived hundreds of years before Nobunaga and Toyohisa. Yoichi, the youngest of eleven siblings, is a powerful warrior and military commander who fought alongside Minamoto no Yoshitsune during the Genpei War. Yoichi’s exploits have been documented throughout Japanese history, including in The Tale of the Heike, though Nobunaga observes that Yoichi behaves very differently from the historical accounts. Despite his strong belief in Bushido, he was forced to commit several dishonourable acts by Yoshitsune during the Genpei War. Now as a Drifter, Yoichi resolves to maintain his honorable nature, and he is the most level-headed of the trio. Yoichi acts as the group’s archer, killing fleeing enemies.

Hannibal Barca

A well-known Carthaginian military commander. At the Battle of Zama, he is first seen arguing with Scipio Africanus about the latter’s “plagiarism” of Cannae. Despite being nearly killed by the Black King’s army, Hannibal remains confident that victory is still possible. Hannibal becomes depressed and senile after being separated from Scipio, but he is still able to communicate battle tactics to his fellow Drifters in an indirect manner. Since being left in the care of Toyohisa’s group, he has served as Nobunaga’s military advisor.

Scipio Africanus

During the Second Punic War, Hannibal’s Roman adversary. He is as old as Hannibal as a Drifter, with whom he is constantly arguing, claiming that “a winner takes all” because he won at Zama. Scipio, on the other hand, holds a high regard for Hannibal. Originally travelling with Hannibal and the Wild Bunch gang, he became separated and is now travelling with Naoshi Kanno and Tamon Yamaguchi.

Butch Cassidy

The Wild Bunch gang’s leader. He and Sundance Kid were transported from Bolivia and are now fighting the Black King and his armies. Butch, unlike his partner, has a fiery and wild personality. He prefers to fight with firearms, particularly a pair of pistols.

Sundance Kid

Butch Cassidy’s Wild Bunch member. He and Butch were transported from Bolivia and are now fighting the Black King and his armies. Kid, in contrast to his leader, has a calm and collected demeanour. Kid prefers to fight with firearms such as shotguns and a Gatling gun.

Naoshi Kanno

Naoshi Kanno, a Japanese World War II fighter pilot, is transported into the world in his plane during a battle with the Black King, with the Drifters’ side under attack by dragons. When the dragons’ attacks remind him of the bombing of Tokyo, he attacks them in rage. His plane crashed later, and he soon found himself worshipped as a god by a tribe of anthropomorphic dogs, only to be discovered by Scipio, who decides to use his status to unite the various anthropomorphic animal tribes under him in order to bolster the Drifters’ army. He initially does not trust Butch or Sundance Kid because they are American, but Butch eventually convinces him that they are Bolivian. In the Dark Horse translation, he is referred to as Sugano Nao, an alternate spelling of his name.

Tamon Yamaguchi

During World War II, he was an admiral in the Imperial Japanese Navy. Tamon arrived in the new world aboard the aircraft carrier Hiry, and has since formed an uneasy alliance with the leaders of the Gu-Binnen merchant guild, assisting them in their fight against the Orte Empire by commanding the guild’s gryphon naval forces.


The Ends, the series’ opposing force in the unknown world and primary antagonists, are primarily composed of powerful historical figures who died under unusual and often violent circumstances, similar to the Drifters. The Ends, unlike the Drifters, are revered humans who have abandoned their humanity and are thus capable of wielding supernatural powers. The majority of the Ends are entirely motivated by an intense hatred for humanity for the various betrayals each has suffered on Earth. They appear to have been brought into the new world by EASY, who opposes Murasaki.


A young woman with long, black hair and violet eyes who is arrogant and short-tempered. Apparently at odds with Murasaki, she is in charge of the Ends, an opposing force with origins similar to the Drifters. Her laptop is primarily used to keep track of the battles taking place in the other world. She is associated with and accompanied by darkness in the corridor.

Black King 

The Ends’ supreme commander. He claims to have tried to “save” humans in the past, but has since shifted his focus to non-humans after humans “denied” his efforts. His identity is unknown, but he is shown to have healing powers as well as the ability to multiply any life form he desires, infinitely producing food or wood. He also has scars from punctures in both of his palms. His ultimate goal is to annihilate all humans and establish a new civilization of non-humans in a perpetual Dark Age, ensuring that they never advance far enough to become as destructive as humans, thereby creating what the Black King believes will be a utopia. To accomplish this, the Black King has directed Rasputin to devise a simple alphabet and a syncretic religion that will allow the various non-human races to find common ground.

Hijikata Toshiz┼Ź

Former Shinsengumi vice-commander who died fighting for the Tokugawa Bakufu during the Boshin War. Hijikata has the ability to use smoke to manifest ghostly images of Shinsengumi members and use them to sever his enemies. Following a battle between the two that ended in a draw, he has become Toyohisa’s rival.

Jeanne d’Arc

The heroine of France and England’s Hundred Years’ War. Jeanne, who was driven insane after being burned at the stake, now wishes to see the world burn. She has manifested the ability to manipulate fire as an End, with her Christian crosses now turned upside down. Surprisingly, she appears to be self-conscious of her (lack of) femininity, which could be due to her insanity. For the first time, she felt genuine fear when confronted with Toyohisa, who was willing to die in order to win. After being defeated by Toyohisa, Jeanne escapes the scene alive due to Toyohisa’s personal oath to never kill a woman, prompting Jeanne to vow vengeance for the humiliation.

Gilles de Rais

A French nobleman who was once one of Jeanne’s comrades-in-arms but was later executed for alleged murder, sodomy, and heresy. He had incredible strength and endurance. He remained loyal to Jeanne until his death, accompanying her to battle as a spearman. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid defeated him, and he disintegrated into salt. Jeanne, enraged, swears to avenge Gilles de Rais’ death. In the Drifters series, he is the first End to be killed.

Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova

The youngest daughter of Russia’s last tsar, Nicholas II. Anastasia and her family were murdered by a Bolshevik firing squad when she was seventeen years old. She possesses the supernatural ability to cause blizzards. Anastasia is portrayed as an emotionless woman who is uninterested in the conflict between the Ends and Drifters. Though they are frequently at odds due to opposing elements and viewpoints, she is thought to have some respect for Jeanne, as Rasputin believes she was enraged when Jeanne was humiliated during her battle with Toyohisa.

Grigori Rasputin

A well-known Russian mystic who once wielded considerable power in the Russian Imperial Court due to his alleged ability to heal the Romanovs’ haemophiliac heir, Alexei. He now works as a spymaster for the Black King’s army and is frequently seen by Anastasia’s side. Rasputin, like the Octobrists, employs magic to possess others through the use of talismans, which he also employs for communication among the Black King’s army. He appears to have a history with Count Saint-Germi, as they both acknowledge each other’s works and political positions.

Minamoto no Yoshitsune

Nasu no Yoichi’s former commander and ruthless Minamoto clan general. Yoshitsune used dishonourable tactics to achieve victory during the Genpei War, which Yoichi despises. Similarly, Yoshitsune mocks Yoichi for attempting to follow the Bushido code once they are transported to the new world to fight. His status as a Drifter or End is unknown, and he frequently states that he will go to the side that will provide him with the most entertainment. Yoshitsune is currently allied with the army of the Black King.

Drifters Anime Episodes

Fight Song
Aired: Oct 7, 2016 (JST)

Aired: Oct 14, 2016 (JST)

Army of Ours Sortie at Dawn
Aired: Oct 21, 2016 (JST)

Active Heart
Aired: Oct 28, 2016 (JST)

Bring Back Love
Aired: Nov 4, 2016 (JST)

Men of Destiny
Aired: Nov 11, 2016 (JST)

Chaos Diver
Aired: Nov 18, 2016 (JST)

Mystery Call Me
Aired: Nov 25, 2016 (JST)

Serious Bomber
Aired: Dec 2, 2016 (JST)

Baba Yetu
Aired: Dec 9, 2016 (JST)

The Adventure of the Pistol Daimyo: Bullet Counting Song
Aired: Dec 16, 2016 (JST)

Staring at Shinsengumi: The Song of the Fervid Kyushu Man
Aired: Dec 23, 2016 (JST)

People Also Ask

Did Drifters get Cancelled?

Drifters Series 5 Officially Cancelled by E4.

Is Drifters anime good?

Drifters is an anime I would highly recommend to every single anime fan; however, if you are a big hater of Hellsing Ultimate, I would highly recommend you to think twice before watching Drifters.

Will there be a Drifters anime season 2?

The first season of the anime aired back on October 7, 2016, and concluded on December 23, 2016. The renewal for the second season was announced after the conclusion of the first season. Even though more than five years have passed since then, no development has happened.

What is the plot of Drifters?

The Drifters are a league of exemplary warriors from across history – the samurai Shimazu Toyohisa, the ninja Nasu, a World War 2 pilot, an Imperial Japanese naval officer, and a host of others – brought to an alternate Earth to fight and destroy the Ends, a similar group who have decided to take over the Earth

Where can I find the anime Drifters?

You can watch Drifters anime on Crunchyroll.

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