Q Hayashida wrote and illustrated the Dorohedoro manga series. It tells the storey of Caiman, an amnesiac reptilian with a reptilian head, who works with his friend Nikaido to recover his memories and survive in a strange and violent world. From November 2000 to September 2014, the manga was serialised in Shogakukan’s seinen magazine Monthly Ikki, which ceased publication. It was then serialised in Hibana from March 2015 to August 2017, when Hibana also stopped publishing. Dorohedoro was then moved to Monthly Shonen Sunday in November 2017, where he remained until September 2018. Shogakukan published its chapters in a total of 23 tankobon volumes.

Dorohedoro Anime Synopsis

Hole, a dark, decaying, and disorderly neighbourhood where the strong prey on the weak and death is common, is almost befitting of its name. It is a realm that is separate from law and ethics, and it serves as a testing ground for the magical users who dominate it. The denizens of Hole are regarded as nothing more than insects by the magic users, who are a race at the pinnacle of their society. The powerless Hole dwellers are murdered, mutilated, and subjected to experiments on a daily basis in the halls of Hole’s hospital.

With free access to and from the cesspool and little challenge to their authority, the magic users appear invincible to most—with the exception of a few. Kaiman, who looks more like a reptile than a human, is one such person. He pursues them with zeal, armed only with a trusted pair of bayonets and his immunity to magic. Cursed by his appearance and plagued by nightmares, magic users are his only hope of returning to normalcy. With his stomach as his main obstacle, his female companion Nikaidou, who owns the restaurant Hungry Bug, is his greatest ally. Dorohedoro, set in a gritty world of hellish design, manages a healthy balance of comedy and lightheartedness with death and carnage. It weaves a unique world of unearthly origin and dreary appearance, taking plenty of twists and turns while following the lives of Hole’s residents. It is not for the squeamish or easily disturbed.


Dorohedoro Anime Info

  • IMDB Ratings – 8.1/10
  • Genres – Action, Comedy, Horror, Magic, Fantasy, Seone
  • Season – 1
  • Episodes – 12
  • Status – Finished Airing
  • Aired – Jan 13, 2020 to Mar 30, 2020
  • Premiered – Winter 2020
  • Duration – 23 min. per episode
  • Rating – R – 17+ (violence & profanity)

Dorohedoro Anime Characters

Residents of the Hole


Caiman has been the victim of a magical attack, which has left him with the head of a reptile and no memory of his true identity. He collaborates with his friend Nikaido to track down Sorcerers who enter the Hole in the hopes of finding the one who cast the spell on him and killing him to break it. A mysterious presence that lives in his mouth communicates with the befuddled Sorcerer by biting down on their heads, stating whether or not they are “the one.” Caiman spits them out and requests that the Sorcerer repeat the information to him. This is his only lead to discovering his true identity. Caiman’s immunity to magic and formidable knife skills make him a formidable opponent for Sorcerers. He can also regenerate his head, allowing him to survive lethal attacks like decapitation. Caiman enjoys eating gyoza and frequently sends Nikaido’s restaurant, The Hungry Bug, into financial ruin due to his refusal to pay his bill. While his imposing stature frightens some, he is well-liked in the Hole. At the start of the series, he works part-time at a hospital that treats magical victims.


Caiman’s best friend and the proprietor of the Hungry Bug, a Hole restaurant. She tracked down Caiman after his initial transformation and assists him in his hunt for Sorcerers in the hopes of restoring his memories and face. She is a Sorcerer in disguise, and the only known Sorcerer capable of manipulating time. She fled to the Hole at a young age, unable to use her magic due to an incident in her youth, and has remained there ever since. Regardless, she has powerful contacts in the Sorcerer’s world, including a devil named Asu who was raised alongside her. Despite the fact that he does not use magic, Nikaido is an extremely skilled fighter who relies on hand-to-hand combat and acrobatics to incapacitate opponents.

Professor Kasukabe

A mad scientist obsessed with Sorcerers who has spent decades studying them. Caiman and Nikaido approach him about using his artificial door to the Sorcerer’s world. Despite being in his 60s, he appears to be much younger due to magic cast on him by his estranged Sorcerer wife, Haru, who has since become a devil. Haze is his real name. Jonson, his sidekick, is frequently seen with him. Kasukabe is one of the few characters who recalls Ai Coleman and has played an important role in Caiman’s history.


A massive cockroach that lived in the Hole’s sewers and was mutated by the residual smoke in the polluted water. Jonson belonged to another resident of the Hole who was hunting down magical victims, but he was later adopted by Professor Kasukabe and has never left his side since. Kasukabe can control Jonson with specialised frequencies and even make him talk, though he can only say “shocking.”

The En Family


The En Family’s leader and the corporate boss of several businesses that sell mushroom-based products, including culinary, weapons manufacturing, psychedelics, automotives, and housing. He is shown to be a man with a large group of lackeys, and he is Noi and Shin’s boss. He wears a mask that fits over his mouth like a surgeon’s mask, and his smoke has the ability to turn people and objects into mushrooms. He is also a big fan of mushrooms, so much so that he bases every product he sells on them and only eats mushrooms.

En was surrounded by mushrooms from the moment he was born. He believes he transformed his parents into mushrooms and survived by eating them until a man broke into his house and sold him to a group of low-level sorcerers who run a factory that forcibly extracts and sells smoke from Sorcerers. When he was nine, he was thrown away, where he was discovered by a devil, who threw him into hell. En only made it through the journey into hell because he was so filled with rage that he couldn’t risk dying before exacting his vengeance. In Hell, he survived by growing mushrooms to eat. Two years after being cast into Hell, the devil Chidaruma found him, gave him the name ‘En,’ and returned him to the world of Sorcerers. After a year and a half, he exacted his vengeance on the workers in the factory where he grew up by transforming them into mushrooms, destroying the factory, and freeing all the captive sorcerers. He and the factory’s victims formed a syndicate, from which his criminal empire grew.

Shin and Noi

En’s enforcers, also known as “cleaners.” Shin and Noi, as partners, are frequently shown competing with one another while on the job, placing bets on who can kill more people or kill a person faster. Shin is one of the strongest fighters. He fights with a hammer and uses magic smoke to mutilate his victims without killing them. Shin’s mask is shaped like a human heart, and he wears it backwards most of the time. He is blond with blue eyes and wears glasses when he is not wearing the mask. He usually wears a suit, an untucked white shirt, and sneakers. He is actually half-Sorcerer due to his human father, and he was born in the Hole. Shin’s mother was murdered not long after his birth by the local Hole militia. Shin was initially unable to use magic, but he was able to live peacefully in the Hole with his father, the two of them keeping his true nature hidden. An incident at the factory where they worked, however, revealed his true nature and resulted in his father’s death at the hands of the militia. Shin also became an outlaw after killing his father’s murderers and fleeing for three months until he met Dr. Kasukabe, who assisted him in learning to use magic through surgery. He then exacted vengeance on the militia by assassinating several of its members, causing it to disband.

He eventually made his way to the Sorcerer’s world and was hired as one of En’s enforcers. Noi, En’s younger cousin, is a powerful cleaner for En’s organisation. She is heavily muscled and towering in stature, causing other characters to misidentify her as a man while wearing her mask. Noi’s hair is pale white-blonde, and her eyes appear red, implying that she is albino. Her hair is medium length, and she has several ear piercings. Her smoke allows her to heal herself and others from any injury. Despite being cousins, Noi and En have a strained relationship, with Noi admitting that she has never liked En. In contrast, she is overly affectionate with Shin, much to his chagrin. Noi and Shin first met in their adolescence, when she was training to become a devil. Noi assisted in the healing of Shin’s arms (which had become rotten as a result of the crude procedure involved in enabling him to use magic), prompting Shin to seek a way to repay her. Shin and Noi became friends, and during the final stage of her training, Shin was killed in a fight while protecting Noi. Despite his objections, Noi used her magic to heal Shin, forfeiting her chance to become a devil in the process, a decision she does not regret. Noi’s mask is extremely detailed, dark blue, and appears to be vinylic.


Fujita is a low-level employee for En’s company. Caiman assassinates his partner. He is tasked with tracking down the Sorcerer who turned Caiman into a saurian. A little research reveals Ebisu, a reptilian transformation specialist. Fujita recalls passing her while in the Hole, so he locates and saves her just as she is caught in Caiman’s jaws. Ebisu is traumatised as a result of the incident, and Fujita keeps an eye on her while she waits for her memory to return. Fujita is known to cover his eyes during horror films while wearing a trapper hat and a Tengu mask. His magic has yet to be defined, though on one occasion he fired smoke bullets.


Ebisu is a glum-looking adolescent who wears a skull-shaped mask. While in the Hole, she encounters Caiman and Nikaido, who cut off Ebisu’s fingers to prevent her from using magic and bites her head after removing her mask. Before he can ask her his question, a frantic Fujita appears from behind her and forcefully pulls her out of his clamped-down jaws into the door, ripping the skin off her face completely. Following this incident, Ebisu is shown to be haunted by nightmares and to have gone insane. Noi is restrained at En’s house until she can properly heal and restore her fingers and face.

After that, it is clear that her head trauma caused some brain damage, as evidenced by her sudden eccentric behaviour. She is frequently spotted with Fujita.
According to her records, she is an expert in reptile transformation. However, between panels, she is shown attacking someone with an excess of power after being fed Black Powder by someone who appears to have met her previously. She was a black smoke user who had heard the words spoken to her by the man inside Caiman’s head. Some of her memories resurface when she transforms into a large dinosauric lizard, demonstrating that consuming black powder from a young age has resulted in an increase in power. When she is temporarily killed and the spell is lifted from Caiman, it is revealed that she was the one who hexed him. It is later revealed that this is due to a bottle of her smoke that she sold, rather than a direct curse.


Kikurage is a small, pink chimeric creature capable of resurrecting sorcerers. It was previously controlled by a sorcerer who claimed its power as her own; En intended to make her his partner, but when he discovered the deception, he became enraged and turned her into mushrooms. En discovered the creature inside her shirt and adopted it as a pet, naming it Kikurage, which translates to “Judas’ Ear” due to its ears’ resemblance to Auricularia auricula-judae.
Kikurage is self-centered and only uses its abilities when it wants to. Throughout the series, En and Ebisu lavish attention on it.


Turkey is a high-level sorcerer who can create living dolls of people out of food that look exactly like the original. The doll will usually obey commands to perform various tasks because they are mindless and obedient, but in some cases, such as in the case of Risu’s doll, they will not.
The quality of the doll is determined by the quality of the ingredients and spices used; if she uses poor quality ingredients (e.g., human flesh) and no spices to make the doll, the doll may gradually fall apart over time.

Dorohedoro Anime Episodes

Dorohedoro was released on May 28, 2020 on Netflix outside of Japan. The six OVA episodes were also made available on Netflix on October 15, 2020 as one long singular episode, labeled as episode 13.

Given below ratings of all Dorohedoro episodes are as per IMDB.

1. Caiman
7.7   13 Jan 2020

2. In The Bag / Eat Quietly During Meals / My Neighbor the Sorcerer
7.7   20 Jan. 2020

3. The Night of the Living Dead–Bloody Battle in the Central Department Store Square!–
8.1   27 Jan. 2020

4. Roast Duck à la Sorcerer / Formal Attire Requested / Another Year in the Hole
7.9   3 Feb. 2020

5. Caiman in Wonderland
8   10 Feb. 2020

6. The Mushrooms Are Ready / The First Smoke / Manhole Elegy
8.3   17 Feb. 2020

7. The All-Star * Dream Game
8.1   24 Feb. 2020

8. A Good Day to Leave / Mr. Monster, La-la-la / A Good Day to Leave 2 / Gorgeous and Gorging / Blue Night Land
7.9   2 Mar. 2020

9. Oh, “Flowersmoke” / The Wonderful Meat Pie / The Strange Mushroom Appears!!
8.2   9 Mar. 2020

10. Lonely Caiman/The Nightmare Before/Manju of Terror
8.2   16 Mar. 2020

11. The Boss/See You at the Food Stall
8.1   23 Mar. 2020

12. Omoide School Days/Boy Meets Girl… And Fights!/Yubikiri genman
8.1   30 Mar. 2020

People Also Ask

Is Dorohedoro anime good?

Dorohedoro is my top 5 anime ever and my favorite seinen and my favorite anime that came out this year. I love the characters, the worldbuilding, the animation looked good for the most part, and like most good seinen, i love the unique artstyle, but the manga does it even better. Dorohedoro show is a masterpiece.

Why is Dorohedoro so weird?

Dorohedoro, as previously stated, is a violent property. The manga contains random nudity, body horror, gruesome nudity, and character motivations that are incomprehensible. The body horror works well in contrast to a normally upbeat concept such as magic. The violence is the manga’s lifeblood!

Can kids watch Dorohedoro?

Parents should be aware that Dorohedoro is an anime TV show based on a popular manga series. It has a lot of fantasy violence and gore, from people being slashed or crushed to a lot of blood flying around when body parts are severed and thrown around.

Why do sorcerers wear masks Dorohedoro?

According to Dorohedoro Masks can boost a magic user’s abilities, and higher-quality masks have more power. Less skilled magic users typically wear store-bought masks, whereas the wealthy magical elite wear devil-made masks.

Is Dorohedoro fully 3D?

To create hybrid effects in Dorohedoro, MAPPA studio employs a unique combination of two- and three-dimensional animation. MAPPA’s adaptation of the manga’s original gritty, detailed, 2D art style, on the other hand, conceals the use of the 3D style that gives it its fluidity.

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