Norihiro Yagi is the author and illustrator of the Japanese dark fantasy manga series Claymore. It debuted in Shueisha’s shnen manga magazine Monthly Shonen Jump in June 2001 and ran until the magazine’s closure in June 2007. Following a four-chapter monthly publication in Weekly Shonen Jump, the series was serialised in the newly launched Jump Square from November 2007 until its conclusion in October 2014. Its chapters were published in a total of twenty-seven tankobon volumes.

Claymore Anime Synopsis

When a shapeshifting demon known as “Youma” arrives in Raki’s village, she is accompanied by a lone woman with silver eyes and a sword on her back. She is a “Claymore,” a creature created as half-human and half-Youma with the sole purpose of eradicating these monsters. After Raki’s family is murdered, the Claymore saves his life, but he is then expelled from his home. With nowhere else to go, Raki discovers the Claymore, also known as Clare, and decides to accompany her on her adventures.

Clare’s organisation and her fellow warriors are revealed as the pair travels from town to town, defeating Youma along the way. With each town cleansed and demon destroyed, they get closer to the Youma, for which Clare has been seeking vengeance since she chose to become a Claymore.


Claymore Anime Info

  • IMDB Ratings – 8/10
  • Genres – Action, Adventure, Demons, Fantasy, Shounen, Supernatural
  • Season – 1
  • Episodes – 26
  • Status – Finished Airing
  • Aired – Apr 4, 2007 to Sep 26, 2007
  • Premiered – Spring 2007
  • Duration – 23 min. per episode
  • Rating – R+ – Mild Nudity

Claymore Anime Characters

Main Characters


Clare is the series’ main character. Clare’s parents are murdered as a child by a Yoma disguised as Clare’s brother. Clare later travels with a Yoma pack on her back. Teresa destroys the pack in Teo village, unintentionally freeing Clare. Teresa and Clare continue their journey. Teresa, who has been sentenced to death, decides to live for Clare. As a result, the Organization dispatches a second team of executioners. Despite defeating the team, Teresa is killed by an awakened Priscilla. Clare decides to exact her vengeance through the Organization. She plans to become a warrior like Teresa and hunt down and murder Priscilla. Clare is ranked 47th because of her low perceived power.


Teresa of the Faint Smile is so named because she possesses no obvious technique or personality trait other than her faint smile. Despite the fact that she can detect Yoki flow in her opponents, she defeats Priscilla despite Priscilla’s ability to conceal her Yoki. Teresa is never seen using more than 10% Yoki in combat. Despite this, she continues to defeat opponents by using more Yoki. Clare is adopted by her, but she is later murdered by Priscilla. Clare takes Teresa’s severed head and demands that the Organization use it instead of a Yoma to transform her into a Claymore.


Clare’s main adversary is Priscilla. Priscilla is strong enough to fight without Yoki, keeping her presence hidden from her sister warriors. Priscilla has been tasked with leading an execution team against Teresa. Despite Priscilla’s Yoki concealment, Teresa defeats the team. Priscilla, in desperation, begins releasing her Yoki and eventually kills Teresa. Priscilla awakens fully as a winged, one-horned demonic humanoid. She annihilates the execution team while ignoring Clare. Priscilla takes a flight to an unknown location. Priscilla eventually meets and defeats Isley and Rigaldo.

Then she reverts to human form and regresses to childhood, forgetting everything. Isley swears his allegiance to Priscilla and promises to lead her south. Later, she develops feelings for Raki because of the scent of Teresa he carries from his previous exposure to Clare. She regains her memories near the end of the anime and battles Clare, believing her to be Teresa. Clare defeats her, but before she can strike the killing blow, Raki saves Priscilla, telling Clare that giving in to her desire for vengeance will make her no better than a Yoma. Her life is spared, and Isley arrives to take her away as she reverts to her childlike persona.


Miria is the series’ consummate leader. Miria’s agility-based technique creates afterimages that confuse opponents, earning her the moniker “Phantom.” Miria conducts a covert investigation into the Organization following the death of a friend, Hilda, who was the target of an Awakened Hunt. She decides to leave the Organization at the end of the anime after becoming disillusioned with its corruption and deception.


Deneve is a Northern Campaign survivor with exceptional regenerative abilities. Deneve quickly develops a close friendship with Helen, and after the Paburo Hunt, Deneve bonds with Miria and Clare. Deneve reveals that when she was a young girl, a Yoma murdered her family. She wishes to avenge her family, but due to her strong will to live, she ends up becoming a Defensive Type. She fights suicidally, ashamed of her cowardice, until she meets Helen, who convinces her that her thoughts are natural, because “we’re only human, after all.”


Helen, the fourth member of the Paburo Hunt, has the ability to stretch her arms to extreme lengths in order to attack from a distance or bind her opponents. Helen enjoys eating and drinking. She is a hot-tempered, aggressive, and status-conscious woman who dislikes Clare at first because of her low rank. Helen, like Deneve, Miria, and Clare, is only partially awakened. She combines Flexible Limb Stretching with Jean’s Drill Sword technique after surviving the Northern Campaign.

Supporting Characters

Awakened Beings

Awakened Beings are fully awakened Claymore warriors. They have abilities similar to Yoma, but on a much larger scale. Awakened Beings can manifest as a bird (Hilda in anime), a crustacean (Agatha), a humanoid (Dauf), or a mammal (Isley and Rigaldo). There have been three cases of a No. 1 warrior awakening in Organization history. They are known as “Creatures of the Abyss” and live in three different parts of the island: one in the west (Lautrec), one in the north (Alfons), and one in the south (Mucha). This remained the case until Isley, the “Silver King” of the North, began to raise an army of Awakened and expand his influence into the territories of the others.

Abyss Feeders

The original Abyss Feeders are 11 warriors spawned by the 11 Awakened Beings who attacked the Organization Headquarters following the Northern Campaign. Abyss Feeders are trained to hunt Abyss Creatures. Their eyes and mouths have been sewn shut, their ability to sense and radiate Yoki has been removed, and they can only track their prey by scent. If six or more Feeders are killed, they are trained to return home. They are used to track down Riful for Alicia and Beth after killing Isley.


Agatha’s presence is detected by Galatea, who is also hiding in Robona. Galatea unleashes Yoki, luring the Organization into dispatching an execution team—Clarice and Miata. They track down and attack Galatea, resulting in a three-way fight between the team, Galatea, and Agatha. Later, she fights in a mummy-like body, but is defeated by the Northern Campaign survivors.

Alicia and Beth

They are identical twin sisters who are participants in the Organization’s programme to create controlled Awakened Beings. The first experiment, which involved non-identical sisters Luciela and Rafaela, fails. Because of their early training, Alicia and Beth are of one mind—in effect, a two-body Claymore warrior. One sister fully awakens, while the other retains the Twins’ collective human mind and controls the awakened partner via remote control. Priscilla defeats and kills the Twins.


Riful of the West’s consort. When Dauf awakens, he transforms into a massive armoured humanoid. He creates rods with his hands, barm, and mouth and fires them as projectiles. Despite his physical strength, Dauf demonstrates poor intelligence and tactics. His ability to regenerate and heal is also limited. He is devoted to Riful and is afraid she will abandon him.


Isley is a Creature of the North Abyss. His awakened form resembles a centaur, with arms that can transform into a lance and shield, crossbow, and sword. He swears allegiance to Priscilla after she defeats him. Isley claims that he won and that Priscilla is simply his consort in order to conceal Priscilla’s true power. Isley gathers the Northern Army in order to fulfil his promise to take Priscilla south. He also meets Raki, who requests that Isley teach him swordsmanship. Despite the fact that he is a powerful Awakened Being, he is very polite and speaks in an educated, civil manner.


No. 1 in the Luciela era. She and Rafaela represent the Organization’s initial attempt to create a controlled Awakened Being. Due to the use of non-identical sisters, the experiment fails. Luciela’s awakened form resembles a cat. Luciela loses her battle with Isley for control of Mucha’s southern region. Rafaela tracks down Luciela and murders her by breaking her spine. Rafaela, on the other hand, injects her Yoki into Luciela, and the two become merged.


Ophelia is both powerful and unstable. Her family was murdered by Priscilla when she was a child, with her brother sacrificing his life to ensure that she escaped safely. She exhibits sociopathic behaviour as a result of her childhood trauma, even going so far as to fight her fellow Claymores. Because of her family’s death, she despises Awakened Beings and relishes any opportunity to hunt them down in vengeance. Ophelia’s technique is Rippling Sword, in which her super-flexible arm undulates the blade, creating the illusion of a snake. She refers to herself as “Rippling Ophelia.” She tries to murder Clare, but Ilena intervenes and saves Clare’s life. Ophelia has been defeated and severely injured. Ophelia, pushed to the brink of insanity by her defeat and past trauma, awakens as a serpentine form; despite her transformation, she believes she retains control of her mind and body (the only oddity she notes is a newfound appetite for entrails). She tracks Clare down and they fight in a lake. Ophelia lets Clare kill her after seeing her reflection in the water. As she dies, she has a vision of her brother and believes she will see him again in the afterlife.


Isley’s deputy commander. Rigaldo appears composed, but when provoked, he becomes easily enraged. Rigaldo’s lion form is smaller than that of the majority of Awakened Beings. However, he compensates with increased speed and agility. Rigaldo can extend his claws quickly for long-range and surprise attacks. Rigaldo’s regenerative ability is lacking in comparison to his high offensive power. Despite not being friends with Isley, Rigaldo works for him after being defeated by him earlier. Isley refers to Rigaldo as the “Silver-eyed Lion” in the VIZ English translation. He is killed by a nearly-awakened Clare, and before he dies, he expresses his awe at Clare’s skill and power.

Claymore Anime Episodes

Great Sword
Aired: Apr 4, 2007 (JST)

The Black Card
Aired: Apr 11, 2007 (JST)

The Darkness in Paradise
Aired: Apr 18, 2007 (JST)

Clare’s Awakening
Aired: Apr 25, 2007 (JST)

Teresa of the Faint Smile
Aired: May 2, 2007 (JST)

Teresa and Clare
Aired: May 9, 2007 (JST)

Marked for Death
Aired: May 16, 2007 (JST)

Aired: May 23, 2007 (JST)

Those Who Rend Asunder (Part 1)
Aired: May 30, 2007 (JST)

Those Who Rend Asunder (Part 2)
Aired: Jun 6, 2007 (JST)

Those Who Rend Asunder (Part 3)
Aired: Jun 13, 2007 (JST)

The Endless Gravestones (Part 1)
Aired: Jun 20, 2007 (JST)

The Endless Gravestones (Part 2)
Aired: Jun 27, 2007 (JST)

Qualified to Fight
Aired: Jul 4, 2007 (JST)

The Witch’s Maw (Part 1)
Aired: Jul 11, 2007 (JST)

The Witch’s Maw (Part 2)
Aired: Jul 18, 2007 (JST)

The Witch’s Maw (Part 3)
Aired: Jul 25, 2007 (JST)

The Carnage in the North (Part 1)
Aired: Aug 1, 2007 (JST)

The Carnage in the North (Part 2)
Aired: Aug 8, 2007 (JST)

The Carnage in the North (Part 3)
Aired: Aug 15, 2007 (JST)

Invasion of Pieta (Part 1)
Aired: Aug 22, 2007 (JST)

Invasion of Pieta (Part 2)
Aired: Aug 29, 2007 (JST)

Critical Point (Part 1)
Aired: Sep 5, 2007 (JST)

Critical Point (Part 2)
Aired: Sep 12, 2007 (JST)- Filler

For Whose Sake
Aired: Sep 19, 2007 (JST)- Filler

To the Successors
Aired: Sep 26, 2007 (JST)- Filler

People Also Ask

Is Claymore good anime?

Claymore will be remembered as a great anime example, not only for its beautiful animation, but also for the way it makes you feel the journey. It even has a fantastic and satisfying conclusion. I know it’s a tired cliche, but I really envy those who haven’t yet seen it.

Is Claymore a seinen?

Claymore is a classic seinen fantasy manga about a group of hybrid female warriors battling shapeshifting demons to protect a land. Claymore, which is ideal for fans of gore and dark fantasy like Berserk and Gantz, was adapted into a TV anime by Madhouse in 2007.

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