Classroom Of The Elite

Shgo Kinugasa’s Classroom of the Elite is a Japanese light novel series illustrated by Shunsaku Tomose. On January 27, 2016, Yuyu Ichino’s manga adaptation began serialisation in Media Factory’s Monthly Comic Alive. Lerche’s anime television series adaptation aired from July to September 2017.

Classroom Of The Elite Anime Synopsis

Koudo Ikusei Senior High School appears to be a utopia on the surface. The students have unrivalled freedom, and the school is highly regarded in Japan. The reality, however, is less than ideal. Four classes, A through D, are ranked in order of merit, with only the top four receiving preferential treatment.
Kiyotaka Ayanokouji is a student in Class D, where the school’s worst students are thrown out. There he meets the unsociable Suzune Horikita, who believes she was placed in Class D by mistake and wishes to advance all the way to Class A, and the seemingly friendly class idol Kikyou Kushida, whose goal is to make as many friends as possible.

While class membership is permanent, class rankings are not; students in lower ranked classes can move up in rankings if they outperform those in higher ranked classes. Furthermore, there are no restrictions on the methods that can be used to advance in Class D. Can they beat the odds and make it to the top of this cutthroat school?

Classroom Of The Elite

Classroom Of The Elite Anime Info

  • IMDB Ratings – 7.6/10
  • Genres – Slice of Life, Psychological, Drama, School
  • Season – 1
  • Episodes – 12
  • Status – Finished Airing
  • Aired – Jul 12, 2017 to Sep 27, 2017
  • Premiered – Summer 2017
  • Duration – 24 min. per episode
  • Rating – PG-13 – Teens 13 or older

Classroom Of The Elite Anime Characters

Classroom Of The Elite Class-D Students

Kiyotaka Ayanokōji

The main character is an unmotivated student who struggles to communicate with others. His grades are on purpose average, and he is very conscientious about how he spends his points. It is revealed that he possesses the academic aptitude and true intellect to advance to the top class if he so desired, but for some reason, he aimed to enter Class-D. Chabashira Sensei stated that he purposefully received 50 out of 100 points for each subject on the entrance exam. Despite his lack of a fitness regimen, he’s incredibly well-built and is known to be very skilled in martial arts, having held his own in a fight against the Student Council President. He is also shown to be extremely intelligent, as he devises various grand schemes that deceive and manipulate nearly everyone in the school. In a flashback, it is revealed that he was a participant in an experiment conducted by an unknown organisation owned by his father, in an unknown facility known as the “White Room,” that forced children to participate in an immense battery of tests designed to raise and train children into teens with almost superhuman-like abilities, and he is revealed to be the only known survivor. He prefers to remain in the background and rely on others to carry out his plans when necessary. Because of his mysterious background and lies, he is regarded as an untrustworthy narrator.

Suzune Horikita

She is an aloof, cold-hearted, and unfriendly student who is regarded as an intellectual beauty and sits next to Kiyotaka in class. She is also frugal with her points. She, like Kiyotaka, has difficulty communicating with others, but unlike him, she believes that friends are unnecessary. Kiyotaka is the only student in her class with whom she speaks and confides, as she appears to be intrigued by his insightful yet mysterious personality, and she has her doubts about him and his mysterious past, believing that he is hiding much more than he actually lets on. She also has an older brother who attends the same school as her and is the Student Council President, but he avoids her due to the embarrassment of being placed in Class-D. She also knows martial arts, as she was seen fighting Mio Ibuki, a Class-C student, and holding her own despite being ill at the time. Her demeanour appears to improve as she admits her own hypocrisy by admitting that when confronted with a serious negative problem, she is no different than her classmates.

Kikyou Kushida

A popular girl in Class-D has a seemingly nice and cheerful personality and wants to befriend everyone at the school. Behind her cheerful and caring exterior, she hides a violent, cold-blooded, detestable, and manipulative personality. She also harbours deep resentment toward Horikita, despite her desire to be closer to her for an unknown reason. She was revealed to be from the same middle school as Horikita in the light novels, and it was assumed that Horikita discovered her dark past.

Airi Sakura

Due to her fear and nervousness, a girl who enjoys photography was placed in Class-D, causing her to have difficulty communicating and interacting with others. She despises being noticed and enjoys taking modelling photos. She was initially revealed to be a gravure idol, until her life was threatened by a stalker who worked in an electronics store and attempted to assault her, rendering her unable to stand out for the rest of her life. Fortunately, Kiyotaka and Honami arrived in time to save her life, and the stalker was apprehended by police, thanks to the security cameras installed around campus and the GPS tracking system on each student’s school cellphones. She then feels deeply indebted to Kiyotaka, and she admires him for saving her and inspiring her with his encouraging words of wisdom to always do more than she would have done.

Kei Karuizawa

One of Class-top D’s students with character issues. In the light novels, she appears to form a very close trusting bond with Kiyotaka and notices that he has a dark mysterious side that he doesn’t want people to know about, where Kiyotaka is shown to trust her more than others, and she is shown to develop a crush on Kiyotaka in volume 6 of the light novel. In volume 6 of the light novel, she is the only one who remembered and celebrated his birthday, causing Kiyotaka to pause before deleting her messages, which he usually does, and he also learned of her birthday and decided to do the same for her. Kiyotaka and she also address each other by their first names, demonstrating how close they are. Her growing crush on him was also revealed, as she was seen to be very jealous of Maya Sato as a result of the latter’s confession to Kiyotaka.

Yousuke Hirata

Class D’s top student. His grades merit a higher class, but he was stuck in Class-D for reasons that have yet to be explained.
He has a “relationship” with Karuizawa, but in the light novels, this is revealed to be a ruse and a cover-up to keep her from being bullied at school. It was also hinted in the light novels that Hirata begins to suspect Kiyotaka for his manipulations and exploitation of others while taking advantage of transpired events through various grand schemes that gradually ends up helping Class-D and doing so subtly behind the shadows unbeknownst to others who appear to be unaware of what goes on.

Rokusuke Kouenji

He is a narcissist who comes from a well-known and prestigious family of scholars. Despite his great physical abilities and intelligence, he ended up in Class-D for being too arrogant and egotistical, making him unable to work with others. Unlike his fellow students, who are struggling to obtain enough points, he is unconcerned because his wealthy family can simply purchase the necessary points for his use.

Ken Sudou

One of the “3 Idiots of Class-D” who also plays basketball for the team and is a member of the basketball club. Although he has the best athletic ability among his classmates, he has a very low intelligence, a short temper, and a thin skin-like personality that makes him easily angered and provoked, which would have gotten him expelled twice if Horikita and Kiyotaka hadn’t intervened. His personality was seen to improve slightly, though he still acts harshly toward others, and he is seen to harbour feelings for Horikita. He is shown to be quite close to Kiyotaka in the light novels, and it is revealed that they are actually close friends.

Kanji Ike

One of the “3 Idiots of Class-D,” despite his excellent communication skills and camping experiences, is one of the “3 Idiots of Class-D.” He is also shown to have feelings for Kushida.

Haruki Yamauchi

One of the “3 Idiots of Class-D” with a tendency to lie. He has a crush on Kushida, but he also has feelings for Sakura. In the light novel’s spin-off volume, he confesses to Sakura but is rejected because of her inability and uneasiness to deal with the uncomfortable situation and her feelings for Kiyotaka.

Classroom Of The Elite Class-C Students

Kakeru Ryuuen

He is portrayed as the series’ antagonist and a Class-C student with a reputation for being a feared delinquent, where he rules the class like a mafia boss and has a gang of henchmen who do his dirty work.

Mio Ibuki

She is a Class-C student who despises Ryen’s tarnished reputation as a notorious delinquent. Not only does she have exceptional academic ability, but she also has exceptional physical ability. She is a skilled combatant, with knowledge of several martial arts that rivals that of many martial artists. Mio battles Horikita to find out if she was the arsonist, and reveals that she was the mastermind behind stealing Horikita’s key card, before defeating her. She is then seen handing over the stolen key card to Ryuen, who had requested that it be stolen. She was revealed to be a spy for her class, sent to infiltrate Class-D on Ryuen’s orders, but she was manipulated, controlled, and played by Kiyotaka, as well as both Ryuen and Katsuragi from Class-A, causing their plan to fall apart and costing their class a significant loss.

Classroom Of The Elite Class-B Students

Honami Ichinose

Honami is Class-Class B’s Representative and a very kind, helpful, and selfless person. She is regarded as one of the best students in her class and is widely admired and respected. However, unlike most other students who despise students from lower classes, she is down-to-earth and has friendships with some of them, including Kushida and Kiyotaka. She obtained a large number of private points through unknown means and appeared to be secretive about it, leading Kiyotaka to wonder how she obtained so many points. She also expressed her curiosity about Kiyotaka’s true abilities and intelligence, specifically why he conceals his true talents from others. In the light novels, she joins the Student Council and develops a close relationship with Kiyotaka, whom she occasionally teases and flirts with, as they get along well and work well together. Kiyotaka, on the other hand, spread rumours about her massive number of points, which were later revealed to be obtained legally, in order to trap Kakeru Ryen from Class-C, but the latter caught on and decided to play along in order to find the true mastermind of Class-D.

Ryuuji Kanzaki

He is a Class-B student who is seen to be quite intelligent and friendly, and who, along with Ichinose, did not mind assisting Kiyotaka in proving Sudo’s innocence in the Class-violent C’s incident case.

Classroom Of The Elite Class-A Students

Arisu Sakayanagi

She is the main leader of Class-A and appears to be disabled, as evidenced by her use of a cane. She is shown to be highly intelligent because she appears to be very knowledgeable about the school rules and the S-system. Ryuen from Class-C mentions how, despite being in Class-A, she still acts as the “Queen” of the school. Along with their respective classes, she and Ryuen have a fierce rivalry because she believes his challenges against Class-A are interesting but ultimately futile. She was revealed to know about the “White Room” in volume 5 of the light novel and cryptically reveals that she knows Kiyotaka, where she met him 8 years and 243 days ago in the past.

She claims to know him very well and everything about his mysterious past, despite the fact that he denies knowing her and does not appear to remember her. Mr. Sakayanagi, Chairman of the School Board and an old acquaintance of Kiyotaka’s father, confirms that Arisu is his daughter in volume 7 of the light novel, explaining in part why she has observed Kiyotaka in person behind the window in the White Room.

Classroom Of The Elite Student Council

Manabu Horikita

He is Suzune Horikita’s older brother and the student council president at his school. He is also well-liked by the upper echelons of the school’s student body. He resents Suzune for being in the lower class because her presence jeopardises his position on the student council. Manabu is shown to be a serious and intelligent man who is dedicated to his role as Student Council President. He is also shown to be quite skilled in martial arts, as evidenced by his fight with Ayanokji. Following the fight, Manabu becomes interested in Ayanokoji and regards him as a worthy opponent.

Classroom Of The Elite Faculty Members

Sae Chabashira

She is the homeroom teacher for Class-D, and she is very cold and apathetic to her own class, though she can be bribed and was willing to sell a grade to a student who was about to be expelled for the right price. She is the only one who understands the truth behind Class-designation D’s for students with defective characteristics, as well as Ayanokji’s hidden potential as the “most defective” and excellent student in Class-D. She also threatened to expel him if he didn’t immediately advance to Class-A, for hiding his true ability and intelligence. It is unknown why she wishes for him to advance to a higher social class. It is unknown why she wishes for him to advance to a higher social class. One possible reason is that she believes he is wasting his true talents by being in the lowest class rather than the top class, which he deserves. She later revealed to Kiyotaka that it was his father’s wish for him to be expelled, and that his father stated that Kiyotaka will choose expulsion of his own volition.

Classroom Of The Elite Anime Episodes

What is evil? Whatever springs from weakness.
Aired: Jul 12, 2017 (JST)

It takes a great talent and skill to conceal one’s talent and skill.
Aired: Jul 19, 2017 (JST)

Man is an animal that makes bargains: no other animal does this—no dog exchanges bones…
Aired: Jul 26, 2017 (JST)

We should not be upset that others hide the truth from us, when we hide it so often fr…
Aired: Aug 2, 2017 (JST)

Hell is other people.
Aired: Aug 9, 2017 (JST)

There are two kinds of lies; one concerns an accomplished fact, the other concerns a f…
Aired: Aug 16, 2017 (JST)

Nothing is as dangerous as an ignorant friend; a wise enemy is to be preferred
Aired: Aug 23, 2017 (JST)

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.
Aired: Aug 30, 2017 (JST)

Man is condemned to be free.
Aired: Sep 6, 2017 (JST)

Every man has in himself the most dangerous traitor of all
Aired: Sep 13, 2017 (JST)

What people commonly call fate is mostly their own stupidity.
Aired: Sep 20, 2017 (JST)

Genius lives only one story above madness.
Aired: Sep 27, 2017 (JST)

People Also Ask About Classroom Of The Elite

Will Classroom of the elite have a Season 2?

Classroom of the elite anime is based on the light novel series written by Shogo Kinugasa. Shunsaku Tomose illustrated it. The anime series Classroom of the Elite has gotten positive feedback from fans. The second season of Classroom of the Elite has not yet been renewed.

Is classroom of the elite anime appropriate?

Classroom of the Elite. Distributor: Currently licensed by Funimation, also available streaming on Crunchyroll. Content Rating: R (Fanservice, nudity, mature situations, violence.)

Is Classroom of the Elite on Netflix?

Yes, You can watch Classroom of the elite anime on Netflix.

Why is Classroom of the Elite not getting a second season?

Even after four years, it appears that the animators and licensors of “Classroom of the Elite” have remained deafeningly silent on the show’s second season. Because neither party has chosen to make an announcement, it is safe to assume that “Classroom of the Elite” Season 2 will never happen.

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