Blood+ is a Japanese anime television series directed by Junichi Fujisaku and produced by Production I.G and Aniplex. From October 2005 to September 2006, the series aired on MBS and TBS. Blood+ has been licenced for foreign distribution in a number of territories by Sony Pictures Television International, the international arm of Sony Pictures (SPTI).

Blood+ Anime Synopsis

Saya Otonashi is a seemingly regular girl who lives in Okinawa City with her adoptive family. Her only oddities are anaemia and the inability to recall anything from her past prior to the previous year.
Saya’s forgotten history, on the other hand, comes back to haunt her when she is assaulted at school one night by a creature that feeds on human blood. When all hope looks to be lost, a mysterious guy named Haji emerges and momentarily repels the creature. Saya enters a trance and slays the monster with ease, using her own blood as a catalyst, after her saviour forces her to swallow his blood.
Saya then hears of a group called Red Shield, which was formed with the sole objective of destroying the horrible animals. Now Saya and Haji must team up with Red Shield to defeat these terrifying monsters and uncover the mysteries of the girl’s past.


Blood+ Anime Info

  • IMDB Ratings – 7.6/10
  • Genres – Action, Military, Mystery, Horror, Supernatural, Drama, Vampire
  • Season – 4
  • Episodes – 50 (Total)
  • Status – Finished Airing
  • Aired – Oct 8, 2005 to Sep 23, 2006
  • Premiered – Fall 2005
  • Duration – 24 min. per episode
  • Rating – R – 17+ (violence & profanity)

Blood+ Anime Characters

Saya Otonashi is the key character of the Blood+ anime, a seemingly regular teenage girl who was adopted into the Miyagusuku family a year before the narrative begins and has no memory of her background. When she discovers that she is a chiropteran—a vampire-like creature—born in 1833, who survives on taking the blood of others or obtaining it through blood transfusions, and is the only one who can eliminate other chiropterans and her twin sister Diva, her world is turned upside down. Saya and Diva are the “queens,” offspring of a dynasty of highly powerful chiropterans who are born as twin females every time. An group called the Red Shield is assisting Saya in this century-long quest, with a guy named David appointed to be Saya’s principal “handler.”

Blood+ Anime Protagonists

Saya Otonashi

Saya and Hagi

Saya Otonashi is the blood+ anime series’ primary character, having been “born” in 1833 from one of two cocoon-like items extracted from the guts of a chiropteran corpse, the other cocoon housing her sister Diva. Joel Goldschmidt keeps both Saya and Diva at the “Zoo,” where Saya is pampered as his daughter while Diva is confined to a tower. Saya discovers Diva’s existence in 1863, when she hears her singing and discovers her imprisoned in a room at the top of the tower. Saya then refers to her as Diva. Amshel buys a twelve-year-old boy named Hagi from his parents in 1870 to be Saya’s companion and friend, yet she eventually falls in love with him and vice versa. Saya releases Diva during Joel’s birthday party in 1883 so that she can sing for him; Diva, on the other hand, slaughters everyone in the Goldschmidt house while Saya and Hagi are out seeking for Joel’s favourite flower. Saya spends her times of activity pursuing Diva, her chevaliers, and any chiropterans they have made, realising that she is a monster.

She is stalking Diva in a flashback dream after Grigori’s apparent death following the Russian Revolution. Grigori turns out to be the girl Sonia. Following Diva’s escape with Amshel, Grigori becomes crystallised. Saya then falls into a deep slumber (30-year hibernation).

Saya is a superb athlete who fights with an unique katana that has a blood-drawing edge she can touch with her thumb while clutching it and grooves that disseminate her blood throughout the blade. It’s a lethal weapon against Diva and any chiropteran formed from her blood after it’s loaded with her blood. After Saya’s original blade is broken, David gives her a new one with a red crystal at the base of the blade, indicating her Red Shield membership. The crystal is a portion of her adoptive father’s body that crystallised when she killed him with her own blood to prevent him from becoming a chiropteran.

Saya is a high school girl living in Okinawa when Blood+ begins in 2005. She was adopted a year ago by George Miyagusuku after waking up from her hibernation cycle with no memory of her identity or past. Though she looks to be a typical adolescent, any injuries she gets heal relatively fast, and she requires blood transfusions on a regular basis to stay healthy. Her world is flipped upside down when a chiropteran assaults her school. She is reunited with her chevalier Haji, though she has no recollection of him, and she discovers that her blood has the ability to kill chiropterans. David from the Red Shield approaches her and informs her that it is her job to kill chiropterans because she is the only one who can.


Saya’s first and only living chevalier is Hagi. In 1870, Joel and Amshel bought him from his parents for a loaf of bread in the hopes that he would mate with Saya and produce more specimens for future testing. Hagi spends many years with her in Joel’s mansion, where he grows up but she never does. In 1883, he slips from a rock while attempting to gather a flower for Saya’s birthday present to Joel. Saya feeds him some of her blood, accidentally turning him into a chevalier, after misinterpreting an earlier exchange between Hagi and Joel about why Saya lives on blood and wanting to save him. Over the years, Saya has felt some guilt over it, but when she apologises, Hagi assures her that he has no regrets because it allows him to always be at her side as she pursues her dream of travelling the globe with her sword.

Hagi is a cellist who learned the instrument from Saya. He normally carries his cello in a large black box that doubles as a blunt weapon and a shield, as well as Saya’s sword. Hagi also wields a slew of silver daggers that he keeps on his person. Hagi, like other chevaliers, does not require food or sleep, and he remains awake while Saya eats, sleeps, or hibernates for long periods of time. Hagi, unlike Diva’s chevaliers, never fully transforms into a chiropteran; nonetheless, this is a choice rather than a restriction of his talent. He keeps his right hand bandaged the most of the time to hide the fact that it is permanently chiropteran due to an injury Saya sustained while being forced awake in Vietnam decades ago.

Hagi persuades Saya to live after Diva’s death, saying that he has always loved her. Saya kisses him, expressing her will to live. Amshel confronts them as they, along with Kai and the rest of the Red Shield agents, try to flee the opera house, ripping one of Hagi’s arms off. Saya draws blood from her blade and prepares to fight him in order to defend Diva’s children. Hagi, on the other hand, snatches her sword and pushes her aside, allowing her to flee as he impales Amshel. Amshel stabs Hagi in the chest as he crystallises, and the ceiling collapses on them both. Saya is assured that he will always love her. Before they go, Saya yells his name. She thinks he’s dead, but Kai promises her that Hagi will come back. Kai brings Diva’s daughters to the Miyagusuku mausoleum where Saya is sleeping, years after she goes into hibernation. They find a fresh pink rose with Hagi’s blue hair ribbon tied to it when they arrive. Hagi is still alive, and he’s keeping an eye on her from afar, waiting for her to awaken from her thirty-year slumber.

Kai Miyagusuku

Saya Miyagusuku’s adopted “older” brother is Kai Miyagusuku. He used to be a popular student and a brilliant athlete, but just before Saya’s arrival, he stopped playing baseball and has started getting into more fights at school. His father’s death drives him to mature and do everything in his power to keep his family together. He has a lot of trouble with Saya and subsequently Riku not being human. Riku is raped and slain by Diva as he comes to terms with both, while Saya vanishes for a year. He has pledged to protect Saya and return to Okinawa with her once everything is settled, as the sole remaining member of her adoptive family. He persuades Hagi to declare his feelings to Saya near the end of the blood+ anime series.

Kai has limited fighting and marksmanship skills at first, but as the series progresses, he improves. Kai grabs his father’s M1911 pistol to try to save George when he is kidnapped. David seizes it, but subsequently returns it to Kai, indicating that he believes he is old enough to manage it. For the rest of the series, Kai uses it as his primary weapon. He stays with Lewis and David in an orphanage in London after the Red Shield is destroyed, actively hunting chiropterans with Lewis and sharpening his talents as a soldier in the war against Diva and her minions. Kai takes on many of David’s chiropteran-hunting responsibilities while David drowns in booze and regret. Kai wears a diamond-shaped pendant with a crystal from Riku’s bones set in it, as per Red Shield custom.


Before joining the Red Shield, David was the sole survivor of a chiropteran attack on his special forces group. His father was a Red Shield member and was one of Saya’s victims in the Vietnam event. He and Joel are the only members of the team that are said to be descended from a line of Red Shield operators. He is aware of Saya’s prior life and desires to use her in the chiroptera’s fight. A cross is David’s red crystal item.

David has a solemn, straight-faced demeanour and a frigid disposition. He does, however, take on an unofficial guardianship of Kai and Riku, and would be helpful in assisting Kai in coming to grips with Saya’s identity and Riku’s conversion to a chevalier. He appears to be particularly interested in assisting Kai in becoming into a strong man capable of supporting Saya and Riku as their brother, despite their dissimilar personalities.

David’s primary weapon is a Smith & Wesson Model 500 magnum revolver. It’s rare for a Red Shield agent to carry such a strong and massive handgun, but because chiropterans can’t be killed by regular means, Red Shield agents must rely on the knockout force of their weapons to keep the monsters at bay.

Blood+ Anime Antagonists


Diva is Saya’s younger twin sister and the series’ major antagonist. Joel Goldschmidt found the mummy of an unknown species with two cocoons that react to human blood in 1833. One of these cocoons gave birth to Diva. Joel separated the twin girls as an experiment, nurturing Saya as if she were his own daughter while Diva, who had no name at the time, was kept in a tower by Joel’s helper, Amshel, and given just the bare requirements to subsist on. Saya discovers the girl imprisoned in the tower in 1863 and names her Diva. Saya unlocks Diva from her tower twenty years later so that she can sing at Joel’s birthday party; however, Diva murders Joel and the rest of the guests before fleeing the area.

By the time Blood+ starts in 2005, Diva has five living chevaliers leading the Cinq Flèches Group. Diva has a harsh personality cloaked in a playful exterior as a result of her upbringing. She guffaws after killing people, exhibits little emotion when her own chevaliers are killed, and destroys objects when bored. Diva appears to enjoy tormenting Saya, and she regularly expresses her desire to murder her.

Amshel Goldsmith

Amshel Goldsmith was the overall adversary and the original Joel Goldshmidt’s assistant. While Diva was imprisoned in the tower, Amshel was in charge of giving her food and seeing to her basic necessities. Following her release from the tower in 1883, Diva saves Amshel from her murder spree and transforms him into a chevalier. Amshel refers to her as his “precious treasure,” later adding that he was absolutely infatuated with Diva, which he considers to be the “highest expression” of love. He once told Saya that he wished she hadn’t freed Diva because Diva would have remained his and his alone if she hadn’t.

Amshel is the chief of Cinq Flèches and is widely regarded as the leader of Diva’s chevaliers. Despite the fact that he refers to his fellow chevaliers as his brothers, he appears indifferent when Karl dies, and grows progressively irritated with Solomon’s love for Saya, ordering his execution. He also ordered the assassination of Diva’s third chevalier, Martin Bormann, who appears in the series only in photographs. Amshel originally sought to woo Saya over to their side after she awoke. During a train ride to Ekaterinburg in Russia, he killed Red Shield contact Liza and assumed her place. Saya’s real identity as a chiropteran is revealed to her, and she learns that she is killing her own kind with her sword. Saya believes that Diva must be exterminated because he is still determined to fight and kill her.

Solomon Goldsmith

Amshel introduced Solomon Goldsmith, a medical practitioner, to Diva in 1917 during the Russian Revolution. He became one of her chevaliers at this point, and he now wears exclusively white attire as a mark of his status as Diva’s chevalier, as that is what he was wearing when he first met her. He wanted to be free of seeing people kill each other at the moment, but after that, he began to consider humans as insignificant and beneath him. With the passage of time, he discovered that the chiropteran world is just as full of war as the human one.

Karl Fei-Ong

Amshel introduced Karl Fei-Ong to Diva in 1917. When he first saw her, he asked her to make him a chevalier. Later, Amshel claims that he simply chose Karl as a test subject for their new Delta project. Amshel’s experiments drastically altered Karl’s physique, including the replacement of Saya’s limb, which was destroyed in Vietnam in 1972, with a spiked arm. Karl appears to be extremely mentally imbalanced as a result of his horrific history, Diva’s inability to provide him with the affection he desired, and forced conversion. However, Solomon, the only person who could bring Karl’s madness under control, believed that Karl’s issues arose from his loneliness and his failure to see that Solomon was constantly present and watching over him.

Blood+ Anime Season 1 Episodes

First Kiss
Aired: Oct 8, 2005 (JST)

Magic Words
Aired: Oct 15, 2005 (JST)

The Place Where it All Began
Aired: Oct 22, 2005 (JST)

Dangerous Boy
Aired: Oct 29, 2005 (JST)

Beyond the Dark Forest
Aired: Nov 5, 2005 (JST)

My Father’s Hands
Aired: Nov 12, 2005 (JST)

I Must Do It
Aired: Nov 19, 2005 (JST)

Phantom of the School
Aired: Nov 26, 2005 (JST)

Rainbow for Each
Aired: Dec 3, 2005 (JST)

I Want to See You
Aired: Dec 10, 2005 (JST)

After the Dance
Aired: Dec 17, 2005 (JST)

Lured by the White Mist
Aired: Dec 24, 2005 (JST)

Jungle Paradise
Aired: Jan 7, 2006 (JST)

People Also Ask

Is Blood-C and Blood+ the same?

Blood-C is a 2011 anime/manga series and 2012 film produced in collaboration by Studio Production I.G and manga creators CLAMP. This is Production I.G’s second anime series related to the Blood franchise, the first being Blood+, which aired in 2005–2006.

Is Blood+ A Seinen?

Unlike the other Blood+ manga adaptations, which are seinen and shōnen works respectively, Blood+: Kowloon Nights is a shōjo manga, particularly of the shōnen-ai (or Boy’s Love) genre. For all three series, the tankōbon volumes were published by Kadokawa Shoten.

How did Blood+ end?

The Final Duel

Saya confronts Diva in a last combat at the Metropolitan Opera House, which ends with them both piercing each other with their blood-coated swords. Diva’s blood has no effect on Saya because it lost its potency when she became pregnant.

What is a chevalier in Blood+?

To maintain the purity of their species, Chevaliers are the only ones who can impregnate a queen, namely the opposite queen.

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