Angel Beats!

Angel Beats! is a one-of-a-kind anime created by screenwriter Jun Maeda and directed by Seiji Kishi. Jun Maeda later released a manga adaptation, which was published by ASCII Media Works in Dengeki G’s Magazine. The manga was used to expand on plot elements that could not be fit into the show’s original running time. The series has received praise for incorporating music, comedy, and action into a plot with deep and powerful themes. In 2014, the awards jury of the 18th Japan Media Arts Festival chose the show as a recommended work.

Angel Beats! Anime Synopsis

Otonashi awakens to discover he is no longer alive. Otonashi realises the only thing he remembers about himself is his name after a rifle-toting girl named Yuri explains that they are in the afterlife. Yuri informs him that she is the leader of the Shinda Sekai Sensen (Afterlife Battlefront) and is at war with a girl named Tenshi. Unbelieving Yuri’s claims that Tenshi is evil, Otonashi attempts to speak with her, but the encounter does not go as planned.
Otonashi decides to join the SSS and fight Tenshi, but he is strangely drawn to her. He gradually unravels the mysteries of the afterlife while attempting to regain his memories and understand Tenshi.

Angel Beats!

Angel Beats! Info

Angel Beats Short Information

  • Ratings – 7.7/10
  • Genres – Action, Comedy, Drama, School, Supernatural
  • Season – 1
  • Episodes – 13
  • Status – Finished Airing
  • Aired – Apr 3, 2010 to Jun 26, 2010
  • Premiered – Spring 2010
  • Duration – 24 min. per episode
  • Rating – PG-13 – Teens 13 or older

Angel Beats! Anime Characters

Main Characters

Yuzuru Otonashi

Otonashi has a caring personality as a result of his past and does not want anyone to suffer from pain or sadness. He loses his memories of the time when he was still alive after dying, but regains them later. Hatsune, his younger sister, died of an unknown but debilitating illness, and he adored her. When she died, he decided to go to medical school, but he died in a train accident before he could take the college entrance exam. Initially untrained in any equipment, he begins to practise his marksmanship and saves the team when they are in danger. He is armed with a Glock 17.

Kanade Tachibana

Kanade, originally known as Angel, is the afterlife school’s student council president. This puts her at odds with the SSS because her job requires her to suppress delinquency and other disruptive activities that the team engages in. The SSS initially refers to her as Angel because they do not know her real name, but they continue to do so even after learning her real name is Kanade Tachibana. Because she rarely shows any outward emotions and speaks bluntly, it is difficult to understand what she is thinking. She is personally committed to assisting others in overcoming their regrets and passing on. However, she frequently lacks a proper understanding of others because she never thinks to explain to the SSS why she did what she did. She enjoys the spicy dish mapo doufu.

Yuri Nakamura

Yuri, also known as Yurippe, has a tough exterior but is a sensitive and protective soul. She invites Otonashi to join the SSS, an anti-God organisation she founded and leads. When it comes to operations and decisions, she is astute and decisive. She is armed with a silver Beretta 92. She is not only skilled with a gun, but she is also skilled in close range hand-to-hand combat, as evidenced by her use of a combat knife to repel Kanade’s hand sonic. After her three younger siblings were murdered by burglars looking for valuables, she vowed to fight God and never forgave herself for failing to prevent their deaths. She is an effective leader, but she does not believe it. Later in the storey, she regrets even fighting with Kanade because she believes they could have been great friends. She vanishes following the graduation ceremony.

Hideki Hinata

Hinata is the brightest and most dependable of the group, and he is the closest to Otonashi. He is a dependable force in the team who always tries to save his friends. On a daily basis, he and Yui irritate each other, but deep down, he cares for Yui, as evidenced by his telling her he would marry her. He is a talented baseball player, and his greatest regret in life was failing to catch a baseball, which cost his team a crucial baseball game. When they co-founded the SSS, he nicknamed Yuri Yurippe because he didn’t feel comfortable calling her Yuri because his mother has the same name. In Track Zero, he expresses romantic feelings for Yuri, but later in the series, he becomes attracted to Yui. He was killed when he was hit by a truck. He employs an RPK-74 and an S&W 645.

Ayato Naoi

Naoi is a human who was thought to be a non-player character at first (non-human). Naoi developed hypnotic powers after his death, allowing him to control others and induce them into a dream-like state. He was the son of a well-known potter. However, his twin brother possessed the talent in pottery, and as a result, Naoi was shunned by everyone, including his own parents. When his brother died, his father made him replace him and gave him strict training in pottery, even scolding him harshly if he messed up. As a result, he felt as if his own life was a lie, and all he desired was to be recognised for his own existence. He later befriends Otonashi after recognising him and joining the SSS. Naoi is strict and arrogant as acting student council president and self-proclaimed God for a time, but this quickly dissipates when Otonashi chastises him. He is fond of Otonashi, much to the chagrin of the latter, and always tries to earn his love. He carries two USP 45 handguns.


Yui is a huge fan and worked as an assistant for Girls Dead Monster at first. She is known for being hyperactive and speaking at a breakneck pace. Hinata finds Yui annoying, which leads to fights between the two of them, despite the fact that they genuinely care about one another, claiming that if they had met before they died, they would have fallen in love. She has a devil tail and shackle bracelets on her wrists, which give her the appearance of an imp or devil. She also has wings on her back that are hidden by her hair. Following Iwasawa’s departure, Yui takes over as Girls Dead Monster’s new rhythm guitarist and vocalist, as well as its leader. Yui is accompanied by a Gibson SG Special electric guitar.

Supporting Characters


Takamatsu is an honour student with a pleasant demeanour and glasses. He primarily assists the SSS with intelligence gathering and other matters, but he does not actively fight. Yuri herself claims that his glasses are deceptive and that he is an idiot. Despite his slender appearance, he works out and is muscularly well-built. When he first reveals this, he often takes his shirt off, much to everyone’s chagrin. He is consumed by a shadow and transformed into an NPC. However, because he has strong enough feelings (according to Yuri), he is able to regain his senses and vanish like the others. As a sidearm, he carries a Desert Eagle, but he is also seen with a Sig 552.


Noda is a self-sufficient young man who fights with a halberd and executes the SSS’s strategies. He does not listen to anyone except Yuri, whom he adores, and is hostile to almost everyone else. With Otonashi, he has a one-sided rivalry. He is a complete moron whose only weakness is his lack of education; at one point, Takeyama is able to knock him out by reciting pi. He has no qualms about injuring or killing anyone who gets in Yuri’s way. Though he prefers to fight with his halberd, he is forced to use guns, a type of weaponry he despises.

Eri Shiina

Shiina is a female ninja who fights with kodachi and shuriken in tandem. She can sense when danger is approaching and is a skilled fighter. Despite her solemn demeanour, she has a soft spot for cute items such as stuffed animals. She is very strict in her training and is very critical of herself when she fails, especially when it comes to a newcomer like Otonashi. She determines that her weakness is a lack of concentration. She is shown for long periods of time balancing a broom and other objects with her fingers. She rarely speaks, but when something obvious or stupid is said, she will usually remark “how shallow-minded” or “how foolish” (“this is so stupid” in the English dub). Yuri named her Shiina after her callsign, ‘C7,’ because she didn’t have a name when she arrived in the afterlife (Shi-nana).


Yusa is an SSS operator who informs Yuri about the state of the battlefield. She is a sweet and gentle-mannered young lady with a straightforward personality. She, like Kanade, does not express her emotions and is described as frightening by Otonashi and Hinata. She can’t relax unless she has her earphones in. She rarely speaks, and she has a habit of hurting people’s feelings even when she doesn’t mean to.


Fujimaki is a delinquent who fights with a long shirasaya, and his personality is similar to Noda’s. When he first joins the SSS, he targets Otonashi. He is unable to swim. He is armed with a PPSh-41 submachine gun.


TK is a mysterious character who wears a large bandanna over his eyes and occasionally breaks out in dance. Nobody knows his real name or anything about his past. He speaks in semi-nonsensical English phrases, mostly from pop culture, depending on the situation, but he does not appear to be fluent in English. He has many times saved the team and knows some Japanese but rarely speaks it. During missions, he carries Browning Hi-Power and LAR Grizzly handguns, as well as a PP-19 Bizon submachine gun. Noda gave him the nickname TK, which is an abbreviation for tonikaku kiteru.


Matsushita, also known as “Matsushita 5-dan” (“Matsushita the Fifth” in the dub), is a judo master with a large build. He never forgets a debt, especially one involving food (specifically niku udon). He enters battle with heavy weapons such as rocket launchers or machine guns. He later loses weight after mountain training. He is armed with an H&K P7 and an MG3 light machine gun.

Girls Dead Monster

Masami Iwasawa

Masami Iwasawa, the original leader of Girls Dead Monster, is in charge of vocals and rhythm guitar. She also composes music and writes lyrics for the band’s songs. She is accompanied by a Sienna Sunburst/Maple Fender Stratocaster guitar. While she is usually a quiet girl, she has the ability to captivate listeners by striving to create music that expresses her thoughts. She used music as an escape from her constantly fighting parents in life, but she died as a result of a brain injury. She vanishes while singing her own song, “My Song.” She accepts that she will one day use her voice to influence others.


Hisako is the lead guitarist for Girls Dead Monster, and he uses a Fender Jazzmaster electric guitar. She has an open personality and enjoys playing mahjong, which she excels at. Hisako is also athletic, as Hinata points out, and Yui admires her guitar riffs. She used to be a member of a band whose main vocalist committed suicide, but after meeting Iwasawa, she forms Girls Dead Monster with her.

Miyuki Irie

Irie is the drummer for Girls Dead Monster, and despite being dead herself, she dislikes hearing ghost or spirit stories, which Sekine takes advantage of. She is Sekine’s best friend and joined Girls Dead Monster at the same time as her.

Shiori Sekine

In Girls Dead Monster, Sekine uses a G&L L-2000 bass guitar. She enjoys pulling pranks on those around her in order to see the surprised expressions on her victims’ faces. She also enjoys unexpectedly improvising during performances, much to Hisako’s chagrin. She is privately envious of the attention Iwasawa receives as the band’s leader and centre.

Angel Beats! Anime Episodes

1. Departure
Aired: Apr 3, 2010 (JST)

2. Guild
Aired: Apr 10, 2010 (JST)

3. My Song
Aired: Apr 17, 2010 (JST)

4. Day Game
Aired: Apr 24, 2010 (JST)

5. Favorite Flavor
Aired: May 1, 2010 (JST)

6. Family Affair
Aired: May 8, 2010 (JST)

7. Alive
Aired: May 15, 2010 (JST)

8. Dancer in the Dark
Aired: May 22, 2010 (JST)

9. In Your Memory
Aired: May 29, 2010 (JST)

10. Goodbye Days
Aired: Jun 5, 2010 (JST)

11. Change the World
Aired: Jun 12, 2010 (JST)

12. Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door
Aired: Jun 19, 2010 (JST)

13. Graduation
Aired: Jun 26, 2010 (JST)

People Also Ask

Is Angel beats a sad anime?

Angel Beats! is another title that frequently appears on lists of the “most heartbreaking anime,” and for good reason. When a show’s setting is purgatory, it’s a safe bet that things will get emotional, and all hearts should proceed with caution.

What is the meaning of Angel Beats?

It’s both Heart Beats and Music Beats.

Kanade, a.k.a. Angel, said that his heart was still beating in her chest, and that when he had fallen asleep on top of her chest, he was listening to the rhythm of his own heartbeats. This is what the anime’s title means.

Who is the villain in Angel Beats?

The Shadows serve as the main antagonists of the anime series.

Is Angel Beats Isekai?

Despite being labelled as an isekai, the show deviates from the genre’s fantasy world-building and instead transports protagonist Yuzuru Otonashi to a place that everyone is all too familiar with — high school.

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