Olympus Knights and A-1 Pictures created the television and print series Aldnoah.Zero. It tells the fictional storey of the Vers Empire’s 37 clans of Orbital Knights’ attempted reconquest of Earth, made possible by the empowering titular Aldnoah energy/drive technology, after the Vers Empire’s return to Earth as a more technologically advanced people following a human diaspora to the planet Mars.

Aldnoah.Zero Anime Synopsis

Once upon a time, the discovery of a hypergate on the Moon enabled the human race to teleport to Mars. Those who chose to settle there discovered a far more advanced technology than their home planet, which they named “Aldnoah.” This discovery resulted in the establishment of the Vers Empire of Mars and the declaration of war against the “Terrans,” those who remained on Earth. However, a battle on the moon, later dubbed “Heaven’s Fall,” caused the hypergate to explode, destroying the moon and forcing the two planets to agree to an uneasy truce. Their peace, however, was fragile. Fifteen years later, Inaho Kaizuka, a high school student, witnesses the plotted assassination of the Vers Empire’s Princess Asseylum Vers Allusia, who had come to Earth in the hopes of repairing the empire’s relationship with its homeland. The ceasefire has been broken, and the Martians have declared war on the Terrans once more. In the face of this overwhelming foe, Inaho and his friends must now fight the Vers Empire to end the war once and for all.


Aldnoah.Zero Info

  • IMDB Ratings – 7.2/10
  • Genres – Action, Military, Sci-fi, Mecha
  • Season – 2
  • Episodes – 24 (Total)
  • Status – Finished Airing
  • Aired – Jul 6, 2014 to Sep 21, 2014 (Season1) and Jan 11, 2015 to Mar 29, 2015 (Season 2)
  • Premiered – Summer 2014
  • Duration – 23 min. per episode
  • Rating – R – 17+ (violence & profanity)

Aldnoah.Zero Anime Characters

Main characters

Inaho Kaizuka

He is a top-of-the-class student at Shinawara High School who lives with his elder sister, Yuki, before the start of the war on which the plot is centred; when the war begins, he joins the United Forces of Earth along with his classmates in the war against the Vers. He is distinguished by his emotionless, stoic demeanour; additionally, he demonstrates extraordinary ingenuity in battle, frequently devising devastating tactics to defeat Martian Knights. He may have developed feelings for Princess Asseylum, according to Yuki. This is later confirmed when his AI partner inadvertently admits to Asseylum that Inaho sees her as an extension of himself and values her life even more than his own. During the war, while the rest of his squad uses the more heavily armoured KG-7 Areion, he operates a training unit, the KG-6 Sleipnir as his personal machine, preferring its greater manoeuvrability over the Areion’s thicker armour, which he correctly determines is insignificant in the war against the more technologically advanced Vers Empire. He has the ability to activate Aldnoah Drive technology after inadvertently absorbing some of Asseylum’s powers while performing CPR on her and inadvertently ingesting some of her blood and saliva. After being shot by Slaine, he receives a cybernetic left eye to replace the damaged one; the eye, which contains both a processor specialised in movement-prediction algorithms intended to replace the also damaged temporal cortex of his brain and an artificial intelligence originally designed to run said algorithms, improves his ability to engage Orbital Knights even further.

Asseylum Vers Allusia

The Vers Empire’s First Princess. She is very close to Slaine and is very curious about Earth. While on a diplomatic visit to Earth, her motorcade is attacked, and she is presumed dead; while she was not killed in the attack (a body double replaced her because she had fallen ill), the attempted assassination is used as a justification for the Orbital Knights’ invasion. Asseylum travels with Inaho’s group under a fictitious name (“Seylum”) until she sends a message to her grandfather on Mars, in the hopes of putting an end to the rekindled war. Slaine persuades the Count to save her after Saazbaum nearly kills her. She remains in suspended animation while recovering from her injuries, and when she awakens, she discovers that Slaine and Princess Lemrina are fighting Earth in her name.

Slaine Troyard

A Terran (Earth-born human) who serves the Vers Count Cruhteo and is Inaho’s adversary. Slaine is a close friend of Princess Asseylum, who rescued Slaine and his now-deceased father five years before the storey begins. He is fiercely loyal to her, and despite his initial pacifism, he will shoot to kill if he believes Princess Asseylum’s safety is jeopardised. After nearly killing Asseylum, Inaho shoots and leaves him for dead, sparing Saazbaum and declaring his complete loyalty to the Martians. He is later knighted by Count Saazbaum and pilots the Kataphrakt Tharsis, which once belonged to Cruhteo. He also possesses precognitive abilities. After being named Saazbaum’s heir, he kills Saazbaum in retaliation for Princess Asseylum and ascends to the rank of Count.

United Forces of Earth

Inko Amifumi

Inaho’s childhood friend and fellow high school classmate, who appears to have feelings for Inaho. She serves on the Student Council Committee and later on Inaho’s squad.

Rayet Areash

A Martian girl who lives on Earth. Her father had been stranded on Earth following the previous war. In exchange for the promise of extraction back to Mars and knighthood under the Vers Empire, he and a few comrades carry out the assassination attempt on Princess Asseylum. Rayet witnessed Trillram murder her father and fellow conspirators in order to keep them quiet and swore vengeance on the Martians after Yuki rescued her. She eventually joins the squad of Inaho.

Calm Craftman

Inaho’s classmate and friend. He comes from a country that suffered greatly as a result of Heaven’s Fall. Despite his name, he is a very loud and jovial character, though he swears vengeance on all Martians after a Knight kills his friend. He is hired as a mechanic by the United Forces of Earth.

Nina Klein

Inko’s best friend, who also attends Inaho’s school. She is from the same country as Calm, which was devastated by Heaven’s Fall. On the Deucalion’s bridge, she controls the ship’s systems.

Okisuke Mikuni 

Inaho’s classmate and friend. Okojo is his friends’ nickname for him. He is assassinated while attempting to save Yuki from Trillram.

Yuki Kaizuka

Inaho’s older sister and a United Forces of Earth Warrant Officer. She can pilot a Kataphrakt into battle and has assisted in the training of Kataphrakt pilots at the academy. She is constantly concerned that Inaho will be killed as a result of his plans, but she still supports him. When Inaho is almost killed, she abandons the Deucalion crew for 19 months before returning with Marito.

Koichirō Marito

A Lieutenant in the Earth’s United Forces. He and Yuki were originally training instructors at the high school Inaho attends, but he is also a veteran of the War of 1999, and witnessed firsthand Aldnoah’s power. Despite reporting what happened 15 years prior to Heaven’s Fall, Earth’s governments refused to make any information public because it revealed how outmatched Earth’s forces truly were. Marito’s close friend was killed in that battle, and he now suffers from PTSD and drinks heavily to cope with his flashbacks.

Vers Empire


A young Martian girl who works as a maid for Princess Asseylum. On several occasions, she unintentionally revealed the princess’ identity. She is very conscious of etiquette and takes offence when people speak casually to the princess. She temporarily serves Lemrina, Asseylum’s half sister, before returning to Princess Asseylum’s service near the end of the episode.


A Count of the Vers Empire and a Martian Knight who punishes Slaine for any slight, no matter how minor. Saazbaum’s friend, but he appears to be unaware that Saazbaum is one of the conspirators who attempted to assassinate the princess. He realises the truth about the princess’ alleged assassination after brutally torturing Slaine for information. He apologises to Slaine and promises to track down the perpetrators, only to be attacked and killed by Saazbaum. Saazbaum gives Slaine his Kataphrakt Tharsis, who possesses precognitive abilities.


A Count of the Vers Empire, a Martian Knight, and Cruhteo’s friend who is eager to rekindle a war between Mars and Earth. He is one of the conspirators behind Princess Asseylum’s assassination attempt. When he realises he has been discovered, he pilots the Kataphrakt Dioskuria and uses it to attack Cruhteo’s castle. He assassinates his fellow Martian Knight and kidnaps Slaine. He reveals that Slaine’s father saved him during the Heaven’s Fall, which is why he took Slaine when Cruhteo was about to kill him. As a form of retaliation for the death of the woman he loved during Heaven’s Fall, he wishes to assassinate Asseylum and seize Earth’s resources. His Dioskuria has a barrier similar to the Nilokeras, a beam katana similar to the Argyre, and rocket punches similar to the Hellas.


A Vers Empire Martian Knight and Baron who enjoys killing Terrans and also killed fellow Martians who attempted to assassinate Princess Asseylum to tie up loose ends. He pilots the Kataphrakt Nilokeras, which has a defensive shield that absorbs all types of matter that comes into contact with it, until Inaho discovers its weakness. He was later shot dead after inadvertently revealing to Slaine that he was a member of the conspiracy.


A Martian Knight on the hunt for Shinawara survivors, piloting the Kataphrakt Argyre, which has a large beam katana capable of cutting through anything, including explosive rounds fired in its direction. After being defeated by Inaho, Calm, and Inko, he was forced to flee. He returns, seeking vengeance, and battles Inaho, only to be killed when Inaho uses the power of his sword against him; he causes him to fall into the ocean, and the temperature of the beams causes a massive steam explosion, obliterating him.

Lemrina Vers Envers

The Vers Empire’s second Princess, Rayregalia’s other granddaughter, and Asseylum’s younger half-sister. The two princesses have the same paternal ancestors but different mothers. She despises her royal ancestry, and despite the fact that she is only a tool to activate the Aldnoah Drive, she continues with her mission because it makes her feel useful, befriending Slaine and eventually falling in love with him. She also pretends to be Asseylum in a message urging the continuation of the war, with only Inaho suspecting she is a forgery. Her lower limbs are weak, and she must rely on a wheelchair to get around. She could, however, use her legs normally in a low gravity environment. Her relationship with her half-sister is strained.

Aldnoah.Zero Anime Season 1 Episodes

1. Princess of Vers / Princess of Mars
Aired: Jul 6, 2014 (JST)

2. Beyond the Horizon / The Longest Day on Earth
Aired: Jul 13, 2014 (JST)

3. The Children’s Echelon / Boys on the Battlefield
Aired: Jul 20, 2014 (JST)

4. Point of No Return / Knight in Pursuit
Aired: Jul 27, 2014 (JST)

5. Phantom of The Emperor / Ahead of an Audience
Aired: Aug 3, 2014 (JST)

6. Steel Step Suite / Island of Memory
Aired: Aug 10, 2014 (JST)

7. The Boys of Earth / The Two Meet Each Other
Aired: Aug 17, 2014 (JST)

8. Then and Now / A Day When We Saw a Bird
Aired: Aug 24, 2014 (JST)

9. Darkness Visible / Reminiscent Device
Aired: Aug 31, 2014 (JST)

10. Before the War / Til Going to be a Storm
Aired: Sep 7, 2014 (JST)

11. Wind, Snow and Stars / Battle of Novosterisk
Aired: Sep 14, 2014 (JST)

12. Childhood’s End / Even though the Heaven Falls
Aired: Sep 21, 2014 (JST)

Aldnoah.Zero Anime Season 2 Episodes

1. This Side of Paradise
Aired: Jan 11, 2015 (JST)

2. The Beautiful and Damned
Aired: Jan 18, 2015 (JST)

3. Toll for the Brave
Aired: Jan 25, 2015 (JST)

4. Soldiers’ Pay
Aired: Feb 1, 2015 (JST)

5. The Turning Wheel
Aired: Feb 8, 2015 (JST)

6. The Rose and the Ring
Aired: Feb 15, 2015 (JST)

7. Here to There
Aired: Feb 22, 2015 (JST)

8. The Light of Day
Aired: Mar 1, 2015 (JST)

9. The Fortune’s Fool
Aired: Mar 8, 2015 (JST)

10. Out of the Past
Aired: Mar 15, 2015 (JST)

11. The Unvanquished
Aired: Mar 22, 2015 (JST)

12. Inherit the Stars
Aired: Mar 29, 2015 (JST)

People Also Ask

Is worth watching?

It has a really catchy premise and some nice action scenes, but it also has plot holes, one-dimensional characters, plot conveniences, clichés, and so on. Overall, it’s a very “effective” anime that knows its target audience but will be forgotten in ten years.

Is a romance?

Aldnoah.Zero found the most romantic moment in Princess and the Dude’s relationship to be him performing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on her. What was supposed to be a dramatic, emotional scene had me laughing so hard that I was in pain. Pro tip: If that’s your most romantic scene, you should reconsider your main couple.

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