Akame Ga Kill!

Takahiro’s manga series Akame ga Kill! is written and illustrated by Tetsuya Tashiro. From March 2010 to December 2016, it was serialised in Square Enix’s Gangan Joker. The plot revolves around Tatsumi, a young villager who travels to the Capital to raise funds for his home only to discover widespread corruption. Night Raid, an assassin group, recruits the young man to aid them in their fight against the corrupt Empire.

Akame Ga Kill! Anime Synopsis

Night Raid is the covert assassination arm of the Revolutionary Army, an uprising assembled to depose Prime Minister Honest, whose avarice and greed for power has led him to exploit the child emperor’s inexperience. The rest of the country is left to drown in poverty, strife, and ruin in the absence of a strong and benevolent leader. Though the Night Raid members are all experienced killers, they understand that taking lives is not something to be proud of and that they will almost certainly face retribution as they mercilessly eliminate anyone who stands in the way of the revolution.

Tatsumi, the newest member of this merry band of assassins, is a naive boy from a remote village who had embarked on a journey to help his impoverished hometown and was won over not only by Night Raid’s ideals, but also by their resolve. Akame ga Kill! follows Tatsumi as he fights the Empire, encountering powerful weapons, enemy assassins, challenges to his own morals and values, and, ultimately, discovering what it truly means to be an assassin with a cause.

Akame Ga Kill!

Akame Ga Kill! Info

  • IMDB Ratings – 7.8/10
  • Genres – Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Drama, Shounen
  • Season – 1
  • Episodes – 24
  • Status – Finished Airing
  • Aired – Jul 7, 2014 to Dec 15, 2014
  • Premiered – Summer 2014
  • Duration – 23 min. per episode
  • Rating – R – 17+ (violence & profanity)

Akame Ga Kill! Anime Characters

Night Raid

The main characters are members of Night Raid, an assassination squad that aids the Revolutionary Army’s efforts to depose the corrupt prime minister and restore peace and order to the Empire.


Akame is the story’s titular female protagonist, with long black hair, red eyes, and a cold, serious demeanour. She is sold to the Empire at a young age, along with her sister Kurome, and becomes one of the Elite Seven assassins under Gozuki. Despite her solemn demeanour in battle, she shows genuine concern for her comrades. During a mission to assassinate former general Najenda, the latter persuades her to join Night Raid and the fight against the Empire. Her treason ignites an intense rivalry between fellow assassin and sibling Kurome, as well as a mutual desire to be the one to bring the other down. Prior to Tatsumi joining the group in Night Raid, she takes over the cooking duties. Originally wielding the Shingu “Kiriichimonji,” a katana capable of inflicting wounds that never heal, Akame later obtained Gozuki’s Imperial Arm “One Slice Kill: Murasame,” whose poison blade instantly kills whoever it cuts. During the final battle with Esdeath, Akame uses Murasame’s Little War Horn Trump Card as a last resort due to the method of activation to permanently boost her physical abilities by increasing her density, allowing her to kill Esdeath while her weapon is destroyed. Following the revolution, Akame, still an assassin, flees the empire to deal with those in neighbouring countries who might take advantage of the weakened government. In the spin-off series Hinowa ga Yuku!, Akame uses a herb to temporarily suppress her increased density in order to remove Murasame’s Trump Card and find a way to turn Tatsumi back into a human.


Tatsumi is a young swordsman who travels to the capital city in order to raise funds for his impoverished village. His hair is brown, and his eyes are green. Tatsumi is separated from his two companions and robbed of his money, but is taken in by a girl from a wealthy family. When he tries to defend that girl from Night Raid, he soon discovers that she has tortured and killed his comrades, so he kills her and is recruited to join Night Raid. He agrees because their efforts to combat corruption will benefit his village in the long run. His primary weapon is a short dagger, but he later inherits Bulat’s Teigu after his death; “Demon Armor: Incursio,” which is a steel-armor created from the still-living flesh of Tyrant, an adaptive dragon-like Danger Beast. While Incursio is normally a short sword, it can form armour around the user and grant them powers like invisibility and superhuman strength; additionally, the armour can evolve due to Tyrant’s innate adaptive ability, improving itself to better protect the user. Tatsumi’s continued use of Incursio, on the other hand, takes a toll on his body, and both his body and humanity are consumed by Tyrant. He permanently transforms into Tyrant, but retains his mind after Akame slays Tyrant, restoring Tatsumi’s humanity. Following the Empire’s defeat, Tatsumi (in his Tyrant dragon form) reunited with Mine, with whom he later married and had a child.


Mine role in Night Raid is that of a sniper. Her pink hair is styled in twin tails, and she has pink eyes. She has a cold exterior and dislikes Tatsumi after he joins the group, but she warms up to him after he saves her from Seryu’s suicide nuclear bombing attack. She faced harsh discrimination and racism as a child because of her half-foreign blood; she fled to join the Revolutionary Army in the hopes that when the Army won, there would be more acceptance of different races. My Teigu is a machine gun known as the “Roman Artillery: Pumpkin,” which fires highly concentrated piercing shots of spirit energy. Her abilities are enhanced by her emotions, such as anger while fighting in a tense situation. Later, after Mine is rendered comatose after sacrificing Pumpkin to defeat Budo during Night Raid’s mission to rescue Tatsumi, Tatsumi promises her that she will carry out her goal to win. When she awakens, it is revealed that she is pregnant with Tatsumi’s child, and they retire to the countryside to spend their lives as a family.


Leone has a voluptuous chest and short blonde hair. She has a very relaxed and cheerful personality, but she lacks ladylike manners. She acts as a big sister to Tatsumi, whom she duped at the beginning of the series. She gathers intelligence and confirms mission requests as part of Night Raid. Her Imperial Arm is “King of Beasts Transformation: Lionel,” a black market belt that transforms her into a kemonomimi with increased strength and abilities, as well as enhanced senses like smell and regeneration. She first became an assassin after killing an aristocrat who made a game of trampling poor children with his horse. Leone is mortally wounded by Prime Minister Honest during the final battle against the Empire, but he still defeats him. She then tosses him to the rebels in order for them to recoup all of the torture he’s inflicted. She spends the rest of her life visiting her old drinking buddies before dying peacefully on the street where she met Tatsumi, smiling.


Sheele has dark purple hair, which she wears in a single bun, and she wears glasses. Growing up in the Capital’s slums, Sheele discovers her abilities as an assassin for the first time when she saves her only friend by killing her abusive ex-boyfriend. When a gang affiliated with her boyfriend seeks vengeance on her, killing her parents in the process, she easily murders them. She eventually joins the Revolutionary Army, and then Night Raid. Despite her experience as an assassin, she does not have regular duties at Night Raid because she is foggy-headed and clumsy when it comes to cooking and cleaning. Her Teigu is the “Slice All: Extase,” a massive pair of scissors capable of severing anything in half.


Lubbock is a Night Raid member with green hair who has a reputation for being a carefree pervert. Despite his outward appearance, he is a skilled and dependable individual who uses his Teigu in a variety of inventive ways. “Kaleidoscope: Crawstail,” his Teigu, is a reel of strings that can be manipulated to form weaponry or armour. He also possesses a unique serrated string that he can combine with his normal strings to create lethal traps for his opponents. He is able to roam freely in the Capital with his cover identity as the owner of a book-lending shop due to his unremarkable presence in Night Raid operations. He is the wealthy merchant’s son who falls in love with Najenda at first sight and decides to join the Imperial army to be near her.


Iyesau is a childhood friend of Sayo and Tatsumi. They leave their village in the hope of finding money, but when they are separated by bandits, Aria invites them to stay in her house, but they are drugged, and Iyesau stands helpless as Sayo is tortured to death. Simultaneously, he becomes infected with and dies from the Lubora Virus, and is discovered by Tatsumi and Night Raid, who informs his friend of Sayo’s death. He smiles when he sees Tatsumi kill Aria, and in his dying moments tells Tatsumi how Sayo fought until the bitter end and wants to die as a hero in his arms.


Sayo is Iyesau and Tatsumi’s childhood friend. They leave their village in search of money, but after being separated by bandits, Aria invites them to stay in her house, but they are drugged and Aria brutally tortures Sayo to death, but she maintains her strong will until the end. Tatsumi and Night Raid discovered her body. After Aria goes on a cold-blooded berserk rant about murdering Sayo for her beautiful hair, her death is avenged by an enraged Tatsumi, who slashes Aria in the stomach.

The Empire

Prime Minister Honest

Honest, the series’ main antagonist, is the current Prime Minister of the Empire and Syura’s father. Honest is a corrupt and tyrannical politician whose only agenda is to maintain his position of power and comfort, as evidenced by his constant eating habit. Honest, posing as a father figure to the Emperor, secretly poisoned the previous emperor and his wife in order to manipulate their child to his demise, while assassinating political rivals and other threats. Honest’s selfishness is so bad that he mourned Syura’s death for a few seconds before callously shrugging it off and considering having a more capable son. Honest convinces the Emperor to activate the Ultimate Imperial Arm Shikoutazer when the Revolutionary Army begins their attack on the capital, having killed off a majority of the court when they planned to hand him over to the revolutionaries. Despite his obese appearance, Honest reveals during the final battle that he had trained his body to live a long and healthy life of hedonism. Honest also reveals the crown on his head to be an Imperial Arm known as the Erase Stone, which has the ability to break another user’s Imperial Arm before rendering it inactive for a week. Following the Emperor’s defeat and the failure of his plans, Honest attempts to flee through an underground passage, but is intercepted by Leone, who refuses to let him go free.

The Emperor (Makoto)

The Emperor is a young boy who aspires to lead his people to a prosperous future. His naivety and inexperience, however, resulted in him serving as nothing more than a figurehead under Honest’s manipulation, oblivious to the fact that the prime minister murdered both of his parents. The Emperor, as the sole survivor of the Imperial bloodline, is the only person capable of operating the Imperial Arm known as “Imperial Guardian: Shikoutazer,” which is a massive 500-meter tall suit of armour boasted to be the most powerful of the Teigu and can fire energy beams capable of obliterating entire armies with a single volley. But the Emperor was unaware that Honest had Dorothea alchemically modify Shikoutazer with a trump card that only he could activate on command or as a deadman’s switch: Mode of Purge

Zank The Beheader

Executioner Zank begins his career as an executioner for the Empire. However, as the number of his victims grows, he begins to hear their voices and is driven insane by them. As a result, he resigns from his position. He steals a Teigu and becomes famous as a serial killer who beheads his victims after they beg for their lives. His Teigu is “Spectator,” a headpiece that grants the user various mental abilities such as insight (mind reading), farsight (long-distance sight), x-ray vision, foresight, and illusion casting. He thanks Akame for freeing him from the voices after being slashed in the neck by her.


Esdeath, who was raised under her father’s philosophy of “the strong survive and the weak die,” has risen to prominence as one of the Empire’s most powerful generals. Esdeath is the last of her people, originally from a northern tribe of Danger Beast hunters. She twisted her father’s ideals before enlisting in the military and quickly rising to her current position. Esdeath then chose her Imperial Arm “Demon God Manifestation: Demon’s Extract,” a Danger Beast’s blood that she assimilated into her circulatory system to gain the ability to create and manipulate ice. Esdeath later devised various ways to control her abilities, including a Trump Card that allows her to temporarily stop time.

Akame Ga Kill! Anime Episodes

1. Kill the Darkness
Aired: Jul 7, 2014 (JST)

2. Kill the Authority
Aired: Jul 14, 2014 (JST)

3. Kill Your Cares
Aired: Jul 21, 2014 (JST)

4. Kill the Imperial Arm Users
Aired: Jul 28, 2014 (JST)

5. Kill the Dream
Aired: Aug 4, 2014 (JST)

6. Kill the Absolute Justice
Aired: Aug 11, 2014 (JST)

7. Kill the Three: Part 1
Aired: Aug 18, 2014 (JST)

8. Kill the Three: Part 2
Aired: Aug 25, 2014 (JST)

9. Kill the Battle Fanatic
Aired: Sep 1, 2014 (JST)

10. Kill the Temptation
Aired: Sep 8, 2014 (JST)

11. Kill the Mad Scientist
Aired: Sep 15, 2014 (JST)

12. Kill the Newcomers
Aired: Sep 22, 2014 (JST)

13. Kill the Nuisances
Aired: Sep 29, 2014 (JST)

14. Kill the Colossal Danger Beast
Aired: Oct 6, 2014 (JST)

15. Kill the Religious Organization
Aired: Oct 13, 2014 (JST)

16. Kill the Puppets
Aired: Oct 20, 2014 (JST)

17. Kill the Curse
Aired: Oct 27, 2014 (JST)

18. Kill the Demon
Aired: Nov 3, 2014 (JST)

19. Kill the Fate
Aired: Nov 10, 2014 (JST)

20. Kill the Carnage
Aired: Nov 17, 2014 (JST)- Filler

21. Kill the Despair
Aired: Nov 24, 2014 (JST)

22. Kill the Little Sister
Aired: Dec 1, 2014 (JST)- Filler

23. Kill the Emperor
Aired: Dec 8, 2014 (JST)- Filler

24. Akame ga Kill!
Aired: Dec 15, 2014 (JST)- Filler

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No, There is only one season of total 24 episodes

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