Accel World

Accel World (Akuseru Wrudo) is a Japanese light novel series written and illustrated by Reki Kawahara. The series debuted in February 2009 under ASCII Media Works’ Dengeki Bunko imprint and is distributed in North America by Yen Press. Two manga series began serialisation in Dengeki Bunko Magazine in May 2010, with another beginning in Dengeki Daioh in January 2013. Sunrise produced an anime adaptation, which aired in Japan between April and September 2012. In April 2013, an English-language version became available on Viz Media’s Neon Alley service. In September 2012 and January 2013, two video games for the PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 3 were released, each with an original video animation episode. In July 2016, an anime film titled Accel World: Infinite Burst with an original storey by Kawahara premiered in Japan.   

Accel World Anime Synopsis

Haruyuki Arita is an overweight, bullied middle schooler who escapes through online gaming. But his life is turned upside down one day when he discovers that all of his high marks have been surpassed by Kuroyukihime, the popular vice president of the student council. She then invites him to the student lounge and introduces him to “Brain Burst,” a programme that allows users to speed up their brain waves to the point where time appears to stand still. Brain Burst also functions as an augmented reality fighting game, with users needing to win duels against other players in order to gain more points to accelerate. However, if a user loses all of their points, they will no longer be able to use Brain Burst.
Kuroyukihime explains that she chose to show the programme to Haruyuki because she needs his assistance. She wants to meet the creator of Brain Burst and learn why it was created, but that’s easier said than done; to do so, she must defeat the game’s “Six Kings of Pure Color,” powerful faction leaders, and reach level 10, the highest level attainable. After the girl assists Haruyuki in overcoming the bullies who torment him, he vows to assist her in achieving her goal, and thus the duo’s fight to the top begins.


Accel World adapts the first four novels in Reki Kawahara’s light novel series of the same name, as well as material from the tenth novel.

Accel World

Accel World Info

  • IMDB Ratings – 7.1/10
  • Genres – Action, Game, Sci-fi, Romance, School
  • Season – 1
  • Episodes – 24
  • Status – Finished Airing
  • Aired – Apr 7, 2012 to Sep 22, 2012
  • Premiered – Spring 2012
  • Duration – 24 min. per episode
  • Rating – PG-13 – Teens 13 or older

Accel World Anime Characters

Nega Nebulus (Black Legion)

The main characters are members of Nega Nebulus, also known as the Black Legion.

Haruyuki Arita

Haruyuki Arita is the main character in Accel World. He is a short and overweight boy with low self-confidence until he meets Kuroyukihime. He is commonly referred to as Haru by his close friends. Although Haru is generally wise and cautious in everyday life, he becomes reckless when it comes to protecting Kuroyukihime. He regards her as a mentor, friend, and lover all at the same time, which has earned him the utmost respect and loyalty for her and her army. His non-accelerated avatar is a small pig that was forced on him by one of the delinquents and is only kept because Kuroyukihime finds it “cute.” While in Akihabara, Blood Leopard provides him with a new avatar, this time in the form of a small pink lizard.
Silver Crow (Shirub Kurou), Haru’s Brain Burst avatar, has a tall, thin, fragile metallic frame that is completely devoid of weapons, forcing Haru to fight barehanded. His avatar was inspired by his desire to be thinner and fly away into the sky to escape his unhappy life. Silver Crow can eat while in the game world because the avatar has a mouth beneath its visor. When Silver Crow’s special ability is activated, it sprouts wings on its back, making it the first and only avatar with the ability to fly. Silver Crow, who lacks both physical strength and defensive ability, relies on Haru’s squash-honed speed and reflexes to survive fights. Silver Crow’s default finishing move is a simple headbutt, which is usually ineffective in most situations. Haru eventually learns how to use the Incarnate System (IS) to focus his willpower, gaining the ability to form energy blades from Silver Crow’s forearm bracers, a technique he names “Laser Sword” and later refines into more powerful versions called “Laser Lance” and “Laser Javelin.” He eventually gains another Incarnate Skill called “Light Speed,” which dramatically increases the speed of his flight for a short period of time. Silver Crow gains the Disaster Armor Enhanced Armament for a limited time and becomes the 6th Chrome Disaster. In this form, he can predict his opponents’ attacks and use all of the abilities of previous Chrome Disasters. In one battle, he can partially summon the uncorrupted form of The Destiny, which is one of the Seven Arcs used to form Chrome Falcon’s Chrome Disaster Armament. In Japanese, Haruyuki is voiced by Yūki Kaji.


The Nega Nebulus legion is led by Kuroyukihime (Black Snow Princess). Her given name is unknown (although Sky Raker calls her “Sacchan”). Her alias is a Japanese wordplay on Snow White Shiroyukihime (White Snow Princess). She is beautiful and popular, as well as the Vice-President of the Student Council at Umesato Junior High School. Since she was eight years old, she has been a Burst Linker. Kuroyukihime was previously the Black King, but she went into hiding after beheading the first Red King, Red Rider, while attempting to defeat the other kings in order to reach level 10. She regards Haru as more than a subordinate, and she is frequently the voice of reason to him when he is willing to go to extreme lengths to protect her. Prior to being admitted to the hospital, she confesses to Haru that she has fallen in love with him. Her non-accelerated avatar is her real-life self, who is dressed in black and has red and black butterfly wings. She is estranged from her family because she injured her sister, who is also the White King, in a fit of rage after discovering she had been duped by her.

Black Lotus (Burakku Rtasu), also known as “World End,” is her Brain Burst avatar, a slender robot with a feminine form and limbs that end in sharp blades. Due to the avatar’s Absolute Cutting Property, these weapons instantly cut anything they touch, with the added benefit of permanently removing whatever is cut from an opponent’s avatar. The blades, on the other hand, have a frail lateral portion that breaks after too much damage. Kuroyukihime devised a technique she calls “Soft Act” to compensate for this flaw. Death by Barraging, Death by Embracing, which was used on Red Rider, and Death by Piercing, a one-hit-kill direct attack, are Black Lotus’ special abilities. She also has three incarnate system skills that she learned from her former subordinate Graphite Edge: “Vorpal Strike,” “Star Burst Stream,” and “The Eclipse.” Lotus also has an Overdrive: Mode Green ability, which causes the purple parts of its body to turn green, increasing its speed and attack power for a limited time. Black Lotus, which lacks feet, hovers slightly above the ground thanks to air jets on its legs, which allow it to achieve incredible speeds. Sachika Misawa in Japanese and Kira Buckland in English play Kuroyukihime.

Takumu Mayuzumi

Takumu Mayuzumi, also known as “Taku,” is Haru’s childhood friend and Chiyuri’s boyfriend at the start of the series. He attends a prestigious school because he is intelligent and athletic. The tin man is his non-accelerated avatar. Initially, he takes advantage of his accelerated reflexes to gain an advantage in the kendo tournaments he attends in real life. Takumu attempts to assassinate Kuroyukihime after she is hospitalised, but is stopped by Haru, who convinces him to join forces. They appear to have broken up after he confessed to Chiyu about what he’d done. Regardless, he is waiting to see if Chiyu will return to him. Because of his advanced knowledge of the Accelerated World, he serves as a mentor figure to Haru. He transfers to Umesato Junior High School after teaming up with the Nega Nebulus and begins wearing glasses despite the Neuro-ability Linker’s to correct vision problems, wanting to see the world through his own eyes. Takumu was bullied throughout elementary school, and he has a scar on his neck from the kendo team’s beatings.
Cyan Pile (Shian Pairu), his Brain Burst avatar, has a large frame resembling a knight. Its primary weapon is a large pile driver Enhanced Armament mounted on the right forearm that can extend its spike to incredible lengths. Taku gains the ability to transform the Incarnate System into a massive sword, which he calls “Cyan Blade,” after learning it. Cyan Pile can also use Splash Stinger, a series of needle guns hidden beneath the chest armour. The “Lightning Cyan Spike” ability of Cyan Pile charges the pile driver weapon with electrical energy before firing. Takumu is voiced in Japanese by Shintaro Asanuma and in English by Lucien Dodge.

Chiyuri Kurashima

Haru and Takumu’s childhood friend is Chiyuri Kurashima. She is dating Takumu at the start of the series, but they appear to have broken up after Haru and Takumu confess about the Cyan Pile incident. It is implied that she considers Haru to be more than just a friend. Her slowed-down avatar is a catgirl. After Takumu and Haru reveal the Accelerated World to her, she demands the programme for herself, wanting to show her friends how to enjoy the game without taking it too seriously. Her main goal as a Burst Linker is to rekindle the close friendship she, Taku, and Haru once shared as children, as she fears the game is tearing them apart. Kuroyukihime questions whether she has the mental fortitude to use Brain Burst, but the group eventually caves and gives her the programme. The programme instals successfully, much to the surprise of her friends.
Lime Bell (Raimu Beru), her Brain Burst avatar, appears as a witch girl with an Enhanced Armament resembling a large bell with a clock face replacing the left forearm. Her avatar was created as a result of her desire to return to the life she had when she, Haru, and Takumu were very close friends. Lime Bell’s special ability is “Citron Call,” which is a healing ability that can fully recover any Duel Avatar it targets. However, in the final battle with Dusk Taker, Chiyuri reveals the true power of Citron Call: the ability to reverse time on the target, causing the damage to never occur. This also applies to the target’s special abilities, as demonstrated by Lime Bell reversing time on Dusk Taker, preventing him from taking Silver Crow’s wings.

Akira Himi

Akira Himi, also known as Aqua Current (Akua Karento), is a Burst Linker associated with the element of water who serves as a “bodyguard” tag match partner for players level 2 and below. Her gender is initially unknown. Haru, as well as the customers in the dining area of their meeting place, identify her as female after accidentally tripping over her bag. On the non-accelerated network, her avatar is a bespectacled weasel with a necktie. Aqua Current is her dual avatar, a mass of water with a feminine form that possesses pure water properties such as being an excellent insulator against electrical attacks. Aqua Current possesses exceptional skill and experience, proving the rumours that she assists players with dangerously low Burst Point levels.
Aqua Current has been a Burst Linker for a long time, but she refuses to level up in order to keep working. Aqua Current, originally one of Nega Nebulus’ “Elements,” fell victim to a monster in the Unlimited Field who reduced her level to 1. Her whereabouts after the battle with Silver Crow, as well as her true identity after selectively erasing herself from Haru’s memory with her Incarnate System ability, are unknown. In volume 12, she rescues Silver Crow from the Argon Array and challenges her to a duel. Kana Ueda in Japanese and Trinity Lee in English provide the voices for Aqua.

Fuuko Kurasaki

Fuuko Kurasaki is a retired Sky Raker (Sukai Reik) who is associated with the element of wind. She also serves as the vice-commander of Nega Nebulus. Sky Raker is Ash Roller’s “guardian” (the one who gave him Brain Burst) and the only person he respects in Accel World. Before Silver Crow, she was known in the Accelerated World as “the person closest to the sky,” earning the nicknames “Astro,” “ICBM,” and “Icarus.” She became obsessed with the desire to fly, and as a result, her friends and “parent” abandoned her. She eventually obtains the assistance of her only remaining friend and master, Black Lotus, in order to reach level 8. She eventually asks Black Lotus to cut off her avatar’s legs to reduce her avatar’s weight and increase her will after spending several level up bonus points trying to obtain the ability to fly. Ash Roller introduces her to Silver Crow in the Unlimited Neutral Field to assist him in controlling his willpower and using the Incarnate System to fly without his wings. Haru discovers she has mechanical prosthetic legs after meeting her in the real world. Sky Raker later rejoins Nega Nebulus before the Hermes’ Cord Vertical Race, where she regains her legs near the end.

Her Brain Burst avatar appears as a silver-blue robot resembling her real-life self, with no legs below the knee and confined to a wheelchair that she uses to navigate the Incarnate System. Even after she regains her legs, she continues to use the wheelchair. Sky Raker is one of the few Brain Burst avatars who dresses up, in this case in a wide-brimmed summer hat and dress. Sky Raker possesses the Gale Thruster Enhanced Armament, a rocket pack that, while not granting true flight, allows for incredibly long jumps and midair dashes. She lends Haru the Gale Thruster to assist him in regaining Silver Crow’s wings. Later on, Silver Crow demonstrates to her that the Gale Thruster is for flying in space, as wings become useless in the absence of air. Sky Raker is voiced in Japanese by Aya Endo and in English by Johanna Luis.

Utai Shinomiya

Utai Shinomiya, a level 7 Burst Linker associated with the element of fire, is a fourth grader at Matsunoki Elementary. Ardor Maiden, her avatar, has a Japanese priestess-like figure and the ability to purify objects with parasitic attributes. She also has a powerful wide range Incarnate System ability, but it takes a long time to activate due to its complexity. Yumi Hara in Japanese and Xanthe Huynh in English provide the voices for Ardor Maiden.

Other legions and organizations

Prominence (Red Legion)

Yuniko Kōzuki is a Year-Five student with a fiery temper and intelligence that belies her age. “Niko,” as she prefers to be called, is the second Red King following the defeat of Red Rider. She first appears when she breaks into Haru’s house and attempts to pass herself off as Tomoko Saitou, Haru’s second cousin. When Haru looks through his grandfather’s online photo albums, he discovers that Niko does not resemble Tomoko. Niko was abandoned by her parents and now attends an orphanage. Niko exhibits tsundere characteristics, being sweet and affectionate one moment and angry and confrontational the next.

Scarlet Rain (Sukretto Rein) is her Brain Burst avatar, a small red robot with the appearance of a young girl, armed with a laser pistol typically stored on the hip. She is the current Red King, and her Enhanced Armament, a massive stationary artillery unit with which Scarlet Rain connects, has earned her the nickname “The Immobile Fortress.” Though unable to move and slow to turn, the artillery unit is armed with a plethora of weapons, providing it with enough firepower to easily dispatch legions of opponents from all directions. Scarlet Rain has two Incarnate System abilities: the Over Ray, which is a flamethrower attack, and the ability to teleport short distances. Rina Hidaka plays Yuniko Kozuki in Japanese, and Sarah Anne Williams plays her in English.

Blood Leopard (Buraddo Repdo), real name Mihaya Kakei, is Prominence’s vice-commander. She works as a waitress at a cake shop that also serves as Prominence’s secret base. She is usually seen wearing a maid outfit to work and riding a motorcycle. Leopard, as she prefers to be known, is cold, blunt, and distant, with a sarcastic sense of humour. Her Brain Burst avatar is level 6 and has the Shape Change ability, which allows her to transform her avatar into a four-legged configuration, as well as “Vital Bite,” which drains the enemy’s life gauge to replenish hers, and “Mental Bite,” which does the same with the special gauge. Her non-accelerated avatar is a red-furred leopard woman dressed in a leather bodysuit. For unknown reasons, she develops a rivalry with Sky Raker. She frequently uses punctuated gaming terms like “K”, “GJ” (Good job), and “NP” (No Problem). Blood Leopard is voiced in Japanese by Ayako Kawasumi and in English by Erika Harlacher.

Cherry Rook, also known as the fifth Chrome Disaster, is Yuniko’s close friend who has become her “parent” after discovering how much she enjoys video games. He accepted the Disaster Armor Enhanced Armament from the Yellow King after being out-leveled by Yuniko and learning that he was leaving town. Yuniko defeated him using the Judgement Blow with the help of Nega Nebulus. His defeat transfers the Disaster Armor to Silver Crow, making him the next Chrome Disaster. Cherry Rook is voiced in Japanese by Mikako Takahashi and in English by Amanda C. Miller.

Red Rider was the first Red King, but he was assassinated by Black Lotus prior to the events of the series. Red Rider possessed the ability to create powerful combat weapons, and it is implied that he had a romantic relationship with the Purple King, Purple Thorn. Rider advocated for the continuation of the peace treaty between the Kings, which led to Black Lotus beheading him with the “Death by Embracing” technique, which then took all of his Burst Points and forcefully uninstalled the programme, resulting in Black Lotus’ exile and setting the events of the series in motion. Red Rider is voiced in Japanese by Kenjirō Tsuda and in English by Keith Silverstein.

Crypt Cosmic Circus (Yellow Legion)

Yellow Radio, also known as “Radioactive Disturber,” is the legion’s Yellow King. After defeating the fourth Chrome Disaster, he took the Disaster Armor and gave it to Cherry Rook, expecting to be able to violate the kings’ nonviolence treaty by granting him the “legal” right to eliminate one member of the Red legion, eventually going after Scarlet Rain. His Brain Burst avatar takes the form of a court jester with long arms and a sceptre as a weapon. The special ability of his Brain Burst avatar is Futile Fortune Wheel, which is most likely an illusion attack. His fighting style is based on illusions and trickery.

Saxe Lauder is one of the Burst Linkers who takes part in Scarlet Rain’s ambush in the Unlimited Neutral Field. Hiroaki Tajiri voices Saxe in Japanese, and Kyle Hebert voices him in English.

Accel World Anime Episodes

1. Acceleration
Aired: Apr 7, 2012 (JST)

2. Transformation
Aired: Apr 14, 2012 (JST)

3. Investigation
Aired: Apr 21, 2012 (JST)

4. Declaration
Aired: Apr 28, 2012 (JST)

5. Aviation
Aired: May 5, 2012 (JST)

6. Retribution
Aired: May 12, 2012 (JST)

7. Restoration
Aired: May 19, 2012 (JST)

8. Temptation
Aired: May 26, 2012 (JST)

9. Escalation
Aired: Jun 2, 2012 (JST)

10. Activation
Aired: Jun 16, 2012 (JST)

11. Obligation
Aired: Jun 23, 2012 (JST)

12. Absolution
Aired: Jun 30, 2012 (JST)

13. Violation
Aired: Jul 7, 2012 (JST)

14. Arrestation
Aired: Jul 14, 2012 (JST)

15. Destruction
Aired: Jul 21, 2012 (JST)

16. Imagination
Aired: Jul 28, 2012 (JST)

17. Fragmentation
Aired: Aug 4, 2012 (JST)

18. Invitation
Aired: Aug 11, 2012 (JST)

19. Revolution
Aired: Aug 18, 2012 (JST)

20. Domination
Aired: Aug 25, 2012 (JST)

21. Insurrection
Aired: Sep 1, 2012 (JST)

22. Determination
Aired: Sep 8, 2012 (JST)

23. Consolidation
Aired: Sep 15, 2012 (JST)

24. Reincarnation
Aired: Sep 22, 2012 (JST)

People Also Ask

Is Accel World an Anime?

Accel World (sometimes also known as the Accelerated World) is an anime adapted series written by Reki Kawahara.

Is Accel World a good Anime?

Accel World isn’t all bad; it has some decent episodes with exciting fighting, some likeable side characters, and a fantastic world setting in terms of aesthetics; however, these happy moments were always sandwiched between long periods of rage, misery, and frustration.

Is Accel World Anime Finished?

Given the amount of time that has passed since the conclusion of Accel World season 1 with no sign of a second season, it appears that there are no plans to continue the anime series. Nonetheless, the franchise has continued with various video games and other spinoffs, so there is still hope.

Is Accel World Connected to SAO?

Sword Art Online and Accel World both exist in the same universe but at different points in time. The future of Justice League and Batman the Animated Series is similar to that of Batman Beyond. SAO’s technology is the first-generation version of Accel World’s technology.

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