91 Days Anime Characters Angelo

91 Days is a television anime series from Japan. The series follows Angelo Lagusa and his quest for vengeance against the Vanetti Family during the United States Prohibition era. The show aired from July 9 to October 1, 2016.

91 Days Anime Synopsis

Angelo Lagusa witnessed a tragedy as a boy growing up in the village of Lawless: his parents and younger brother were brutally murdered by the Vanetti mafia family. He abandons his name and hometown, adopting the new identity of Avilio Bruno, after losing all he holds dear.
When Avilio receives a mystery letter motivating him to return to Lawless seven years later, he finally has his opportunity for vengeance. Obligingly, he soon finds the Vanetti don’s son, Nero, and uses the talents he has silently nurtured for years to befriend him.
91 Days is a film set during the Prohibition era that follows Avilio’s grim, bloodstained quest to vengeance as he systematically eliminates each of the men responsible for his family’s murder.

91 days anime characters synopsis angelo

91 Days Info

  • IMDB ratings – 7.7/10
  • Genres – Action, Drama, Historical
  • Episodes – 12
  • Status – Completed
  • Aired – Jul 9, 2016 to Oct 1, 2016
  • Premiered – Summer 2016
  • Duration – 24 min. per episode
  • Rating – R-17+ (violence and profanity)

91 Days Anime Characters

91 days Angelo Lagusa

Angelo Lagusa is a victim of a classic Sicilian heist. His family had been massacred cruelly by the Vanettis seven years before the letter arrived. He had a deep animosity for the people who murdered his family, and he hid for seven years until he got an anonymous letter telling him to return to Lawless and avenge his family’s murderers. He’s well-known for his amazing deception. He seeks to gain Nero Vanetti’s trust in order to gain access to his father and complete his retribution by easily killing them both. To ruin the Vanettis, he relies on the intrigues of other families.

Nero Vanetti

The Vanetti family’s eldest son, and one of Angelo’s prime targets for vengeance. He has a bright and upbeat demeanour, and he places a high importance on his family, never forgiving traitors no matter what. With his father’s illness, he knew the Galassia family would seize the opportunity to usurp his father’s leadership, so he’s willing to prevent that from happening and allow the Vanettis to govern Lawless. He is a firm believer in the family’s pride, refusing to give in to the Orcos or the Galassias no matter what, if they demand something that will bring his family’s honour into disrepute. He succeeds his father Vincent as Don of the Vanetti after demonstrating that he is as brilliant as his father and as ruthless as a crime leader.

Vanetti Family

The Vanetti family hails from the Sicilian town of Savoca. Due to the economic crisis, Vincenzo Vanetti emigrated to the United States with the goal of establishing an empire that he could dominate. Ganzo Alari introduced him to the Moreno mafia family. For years, he worked for the Morenos, who controlled the Lawless district and West Chicago, but the Morenos and the Galassias didn’t get along, so Vincent used the opportunity to increase his own power by dealing with the Galassias in secret with Alari’s help, but Don Moreno’s accountant, Testa Lagusa, found out. Vincent assassinated Don Moreno and the Lagusas in April 1925 to prevent the information from leaking out. Along with the Galassias, the Vanettis had been the most feared and respected family for numerous years, but when Don Vanetti became ill, the other crime families rose to take his place and that made the Vanetti authority begin to fail.

Vincenzo Vanetti

Vincent Vanetti is the Godfather of the Vanetti Family. Vincent is a pious and orthodox man who places a high priority on his family. He is regarded as “The Man Who Rules Lawless From The Shadows” because he is incredibly smart and cautious. He adores opera and aspires to create a lavish theatre for it. He is a brutal man who is attempting to escape a Mafia war, but he is unstoppable when it comes to getting what he wants. He was the most feared and respected face of Lawless for the previous decade, but his illness significantly weakened his power in both Lawless and La Cosa Nostra.

Constanzia Vanetti

Connie is the wife of Vincent Vanetti and the mother of Nero, Fio, and Frate. When Nero was ten years old, she died of an undisclosed sickness. Vincent pledged himself to make a decent life for his children after they lost their mother (this was one of the reasons that made Vincent betray his Don and usurp his Empire).

Ganzo Alari

Former Moreno Family underboss and Vincent’s current right-hand man. He was not only the person who sent Angelo the anonymous letter to come to Lawless, but he was also the fourth man on the night Angelo’s family was murdered. He wishes to take over as Vanetti’s leader. Despite his proneness to rage, he is a very greedy man who wants Angelo to look after the higher-ups in his organisation so that he can have all of the power, money, and women of Lawless to himself.

Frate Vanetti

Nero’s younger brother and Vincent Vanetti’s youngest son. He is willing to go to any length to keep the Mafia families at peace. He has a weak will, as he is willing to kill his own brother to keep the peace. He believes that the Vanetti family’s power cannot stand up to the Galassia Family and that they must surrender without a fight. He is envious of Nero’s natural ability to lead people and do whatever he wants, and he believes that Nero is the sole cause of the chaos that has both the Galassia and Orco families wanting him dead. After the Galassias forced Vincent to step down, Ronaldo began to vet him for the position of Vanettis leader, but fate did not allow him to be the Don, no matter how much he desired it.

Fio Vanetti

Vincent’s only daughter and Frate and Nero’s sister. Her marriage to Ronaldo was pre-planned in order to forge an alliance and kinship with the Galassia Family. She adores both of her brothers and does not want them to die fighting each other.

Vanno Clemente

Since childhood, one of Nero Vanetti’s closest friends, and one of Angelo’s main targets of vengeance. He, like Nero, believes that the Vanettis run Lawless district and that they should keep it to themselves at all costs. He’s a religious man who has no qualms about starting a feud between rival families.


The Vanetti Family’s Consigliere. Nero’s subordinate who is cool under pressure. He assists Nero in making sound family decisions. He’s willing to go to any length to save Nero’s life.

Del Toro

Vincent Vanetti’s right-hand man and bodyguard. Since fighting in Europe, he has served under Vincent for many years. He is unable to speak because his throat was injured during the battle. His physical and mental strength makes approaching Vincent Vanetti difficult.


Nero’s trusted subordinate and ally, a Vanetti Caporegime. He is one of the Vanetti Family’s most steadfast members, refusing to back down even if it means death. When Frate Vanetti and Ronaldo attempted to assassinate Nero, he intervened and was wounded by Frate’s men. Angelo strikes a bargain with Fango in order to save Tigre’s life.


Professional Soldato of the Vanetti Family, and one of Nero’s most dependable subordinates and friends. When he and Angelo attempted to assassinate Frate and Ronaldo, they were apprehended and pursued by the Vanettis. Angelo kills him after escaping somewhere near the Vanettis’ territory (Nero was unaware of the plan because it was made up by Angelo to destroy Vanetti’s men by each other and incite the feud between the Vanetti brothers). When Frate discovered his body, he assumed that Nero had planned the assassination. As a message to Nero, Frate and his men hanged his body on Lawless Bridge. As a result of the internal conflict between Frate and Nero, the Vanetti Family lost many men, influence, and respect.

Arturo Tronco

An ex-taxi driver and one of Nero’s men, he was murdered by Orco’s men, including Serpente, while smuggling booze through the Vanetti trade route with Vanno. His death fueled the Vanetti Family’s animosity toward the Orcos.


Nero’s bodyguard and spy. Nero employs him to keep an eye on Angelo to ensure that he is not betraying his family.

Orco Family\Fango Family

Orco used to be a member of the Moreno Family, but circumstances forced him to leave. Since then, he has become another Mafia boss who has turned the streets of Lawless into a bloodbath. Not only are they wealthy, but their surname makes people fear for their lives. This violent crime Outfit contains tactics, antagonism, prestige, and difficult-to-trace plans.


The Orco family’s patriarch. An extremely gluttonous man who enjoys lasagna. Orco is a fearless and devious Don. He started the feud with the Vanettis by stealing their trade route, but he escalated the conflict by killing Tronco. Don Orco intended to use Fango to assassinate Nero Vanetti in order to broker a truce between his group and Vanettis’ faction, led by Frate, but Fango proved to be a liability. He is killed by Fango and eaten by the executives of his organisation, as part of his and Nero’s agreement to seek protection in exchange for overthrowing Orco.


A member of the Orco gang. He is a ruthless, amiable, and borderline psychotic individual who is willing to go to any length to obtain what he desires. He overthrows Orco, kills him, feeds him to his executives, and usurps the Orco family, which he renames after himself, with the help of Angelo and Nero. He’s after the recipe for Corteo’s Lawless Heaven brew because he’s hoping to strike it rich with the end of Prohibition. He strikes a deal with Corteo, who is fleeing the fighting; he will protect Corteo in exchange for the recipe and the location of Nero. But when Scuza gives him the recipe for Lawless Heaven, which was seized by the FBI during a raid on Vanetti’s distillery, he no longer needs Corteo. He tries to kill Corteo at first, but then decides to abandon him to the Vanettis, whom he had betrayed. Corteo kills him before he can inform them.


Fango’s subordinate, as well as the Soldato who murdered Tronco. Vanno would go on to murder him in order to avenge Tronco’s death. Cerotto stole his body and sold it to Scuza, igniting a feud between the Vanetti and Orco families.


A Caporegime d’Orco. He’s extremely intelligent, powerful, and one of Don Orco’s most trusted men. He values loyalty and respect in the Mafia, and, unlike His Don or Fango, he is extremely cautious and calm. Fighting him is not an easy task.


One of Orco’s lesser-known men. He is used by the families to torture enemies and traitors.


Fango’s subordinate, who worked first for Don Orco, then for Don Fango himself, and finally for Nero Vanetti. (After Fango’s death, nearly all of his men went to work for the Vanettis.)


Cerotto’s older brother and one of Fango’s thugs. He was used by the Orcos to extort Corteo, but Angelo defeated him.


Botti’s brother and close friend of Corteo, who became embroiled in the feud by attempting to sell good alcohol. He witnessed Vanno murder Serpente, so he sold his body to Scuza in exchange for Fango. He has since worked as a butler for Fango.

Galassia Family

The Galassia family is a member of the Chicago Outfit, which controls the majority of Chicago’s criminal underworld and is attempting to seize control of Lawless. The Vanetti and Orco families are not powerful enough to oppose them and frequently comply with their requests.


The Don of the Galassia family, who is based in Chicago. Don Galassia, a carefree and somewhat cheerful man, put everything in motion behind the scenes through his nephews Ronaldo and Strega. Following Ronaldo’s death, he and his family mourn for him, but later receive a free shipment of Lawless Heaven liquor as a sign that the Vanettis do not want to be his enemies, but rather want to make peace and possibly, an alliance with him, for which he was invited to the Vanetti’s opera theater’s opening night.


Galassia’s favourite nephew, as well as the cousin of Underboss and Ronaldo. He is secretly collaborating with Ganzo to assassinate both Vincent and Nero. After his uncle dies, he kills Ganzo in retaliation, becomes Don, and brings the Vanetti Empire’s reign over Lawless to an end.


Strega’s cousin and Don Galassia’s nephew. In order to form an alliance with Galassias, he married Fio in a pre-arranged marriage arranged by his father-in-law Vincent. He believes in his authority as a Galassia family member, and he uses it to try to keep the other Mafia families in Lawless under his control. To control the Vanettis, he relies on Frate’s fear and eagerness to be recognised.

Lagusa Family

Even before Vincent and the others, Testa Lagusa was a member of the Moreno Family. He was fiercely loyal to his Don, with whom he had come to control all of Lawless’ brothels, bars, and black market. But, as a result of Vincent’s betrayal and Galassia’s growing power, The Vanettis murdered Testa and his Don. But his only legacy for vengeance, Angelo, lengthens the storey for bloodshed.

Testa Lagusa

Angelo’s father who was murdered by the Vanettis. He was Don Moreno’s accountant. He was aware of the deals between the Vanetti and Galassia families, and his family was murdered to prevent the information from being leaked.

Elena Lagusa

Angelo’s mother and Testa’s wife, who was assassinated by the Vanettis.

Luce Lagusa

Angelo’s younger brother was murdered by the Vanettis because Vincent believed that if he grew up, he would avenge his father and never forget them.


1. Night of the Murder
Aired: Jul 9, 2016 (JST)

2. Phantom of Falsehood
Aired: Jul 16, 2016 (JST)

3. Where the Footfalls Lead
Aired: Jul 23, 2016 (JST)

4. Losing to Win, and What Comes After
Aired: Jul 30, 2016 (JST)

5. Blood Will Have Blood
Aired: Aug 6, 2016 (JST)

6. To Slaughter a Pig
Aired: Aug 13, 2016 (JST)

7. A Poor Player
Aired: Aug 20, 2016 (JST)

8. Behind the Curtain
Aired: Sep 3, 2016 (JST)

9. Black and Deep Desires
Aired: Sep 10, 2016 (JST)

10. Proof of Good Faith
Aired: Sep 17, 2016 (JST)

11. All for Nothing
Aired: Sep 24, 2016 (JST)

12. Slipping Through the Dirty Sky
Aired: Oct 1, 2016 (JST)

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People Also Ask

Is 91 Days Worth Watching?

91 Days is a slow-burn anime drama with a lot of potential for meaningful storytelling. It has IMDB rating of 7.7/10. 91 Days is worth watching as an anime fan.

Why Is It Called 91 Days?

The 90 days represent the number of days until the opening of the Sydney Opera House, which was mentioned in Wedding Episode 2 by Frate, who informs them that Don Gallasia has decided to attend the opening show. The 91 days refers to the amount of time since his arrival that his vengeance has taken place.

Is 91 Days A Mystery?

No, it’s not a 91-episode show, a Baccano’s second coming, or anything remotely resembling that. On paper, 91 Days is a revenge drama about a man named Avilio Bruno (real name: Angelo Lagusa) who seeks vengeance against the Vanetti family.

Is There Season 2 Of 91 Days?

Unfortunately, the creators have made no official claims about a new season as of yet. However, it is too early to tell whether or not the show will be renewed in the future because sequels to many anime shows take time.

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